Over the last few years, we as a nation and world have been in survival mode.

We have gone into overdrive to assess, adapt and act on instinct. Having been faced with very real-life threatening circumstances. Medical and financial hardships were felt by so many of the world’s population in something we only imagined in sci-fi movies. COVID! It’s like a swear word these days and one we would rather not talk about.

This year after a well-deserved rest, I hope we all were lucky to have, we need to launch ourselves forward with positivity and inner motivation to achieve our goals and aspirations.

May it be in our personal lives and professional ones too.

Things you can do to kick start the process:

  • Apply for that job you have been dreaming of.
  • Research what your next move should be.
  • Register for your studies you have put off the last year due to the workload.
  • Enforce that structure into your life to create the balance between work and home life.

Whatever you have been dreaming or voicing your concerns on in 2022, 2023 is now the time to get moving on making them a reality.

Start simple and work your way out to more ambitious tasks.

Get moving on those job applications by making sure your cv is updated. This is particularly important, so that when you send it out directly or via the job portals it is not outdated, and you are not regretted or overlooked because you failed to add your last job since your previous job search.

Register for those courses and qualifications you always wanted to achieve.

Many have struggled to gain a balance with working from home and the hours just melt into one workday causing us to take little to no breaks and starting and finishing much earlier and later than we ever did when we were based in the office. Now is the time to create a schedule and slot in a lunch hour for you to go to gym, do yoga or just a simple walk to get the body moving.

Our brains and bodies were not designed to sit in front of a laptop for 9 hours straight. A couple minutes break refreshes your thoughts and makes you so much more productive.

Life is so unpredictable as we have been proved.  So “Reach for the stars and you will achieve the unexpected!”

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