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2022 has been a year we can all say was challenging.

As we near the festive season and start to wind down for our holiday festivities and a well-deserved break, we can’t but think of “Wow! What a long and hard year this was.”  

We started the year in ‘good ol’ lock down mode with Covid running wild however in no time at all restrictions lifted, no masks, no more vaccination requirements and life was getting back on track for most. So many excited, happy and hopeful smiles were seen once again. 😁 Companies were running full speed ahead and staff were returning into the office again. (Not that this was a welcome change to the remote working rule for some. 😉)

This year we have encountered very different types of challenges and candidates reasons for leaving have been a lot different to pre-covid times.

First challenge was definitely Covid, Vaccination policies, Loadshedding (with no light at the end of the tunnel for us), Flooding, Political upheaval all of which made it rather difficult to find candidates willing to make the move under all these conditions.

Our most heard reasons for leaving from our candidates were definitely:

“I would like a completely remote role only?” and “My current company’s policy has changed and I now need to relocate.” Or even “I am not prepared to be vaccinated!”

We are now faced with the challenge of reintegration back into the office working environment with most technical and back office staff very productive and happy to stay at home in their current work routine.  Some though, welcome a chance to go in and interact with people again without masks on.

Companies are now flourishing and there have been so many job openings available and great opportunities that were not so readily available over the last couple of years. Exciting things are definitely on the horizon. Technological advances, flexibility in the workplace and out of the box ways of thinking are just a few of the things we are experiencing coming out of the last two years.

Every one of us has put in so much effort this last year to get us on track for a truly amazing 2023! Loadshedding permitted of course. 😊

Don’t let the lack of light and electricity damper your spirits this festive season. 🎄

Well done and may you have the most amazing festive season to recharge for an even better year ahead.

All the best and keep safe and healthy,

From all of us at Datafin Recruitment!

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