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Datafin Legal Compliance


For full details on our BEE compliance, please download our BEE certificate.

Basic Conditions of Employment Act

In compliance with Section 329 of the Act, all our staff have written contracts of employment, stipulating required terms and conditions in terms of the Act.

Our Terms and Conditions of Employment align with the conditions as stipulated in the Act. We also have a summary of the Terms and Conditions of the Act displayed at our offices, as required in Section 30 of the Act.

Labour Relations Act

As per Schedule 8 and Chapter 8 of the Labour Relations Act (LRA), we have a Disciplinary Code in place and all disciplinary procedures and dismissals are conducted within the parameters of the Act.

Poor work performance and incapacity are managed according to the guidelines in Schedule 8 of the LRA, as well as the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) guidelines.

A copy of the LRA is kept at our offices, and is accessible to staff.

Employment Equity (EE) Act

We comply fully with Chapter 2 of the EE Act by eliminating unfair practice from all our policies, practices, and procedures.

As a business in the Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprise (SMME) category, with fewer than 50 employees, we are neither required to comply with Chapter 3 of the EE Act nor to submit an EE report to the Department of Labour.

A summary of the EE Act is displayed at our offices, as a requirement of the Act.

Skills Development Act

We comply by paying our monthly skills development levy, and by submitting an annual Workplace Skills Plan.

We are also members of Isett, Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

Income Tax Act

We pay our Income Tax as required (tax number: 9359/021/14/5)

Value Added Tax (VAT) Act

We are a registered VAT vendor (VAT number: 4620189060)

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