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Utilise your cv profile to not only get a “swipe right” and make a career love connection, but a job match made in heaven

GETTING a “swipe right” on your CV in order to make a true career love connection, will fortunately for you, be based on more than just a great selfie with good lighting. One you managed to post on your dating profile to gain attention or to get that favourable “swipe right” like on popular dating app, Tinder. And, in the hunt for that “dream job”, your CV serves as the first visual glimpse into who you might be or present as.


Unlike on your dating profile, it’s your job history compared to a picture of you, that gets your CV shortlisted. Even if an actual photograph of you is displayed on your CV, your work credentials matter more. More than whether you have the look of a possible unsuspecting “Tinder Swindler” or the appearance of having the personality of a pea. Similarly, as you would venture online to find a potential love interest, finding that job that is a good match is often daunting and an emotional rollercoaster. The fear of rejection often looms, especially when you have that deep desire to “find the right one”.

Keep your CV easy on the eye with a simple, easy-to-decipher layout –

If you were to go on a blind date or post that selfie for your online dating profile, you’re probably going to choose a familiar place which would be easy to find or a picture which is clear. No animated Snapchat filters or photo which you would deem inappropriate. More likely the person you’re set to meet or who will view your profile will be a stranger – someone you don’t know from a bar of soap.

If your CV layout is disorganised – it means time wasted in the shortlisting process. An example would be if your career history is not listed from the latest date, or the structure is like a maze. If you can’t place in which year, you worked which job. Or you can’t figure out which duties belong to which company – this immediately causes confusion. A difficult to read CV then makes it harder for our Datafin Recruitment Consultants to quickly navigate through. Ensure you CV is visually easy to scour when it comes to structure and content.

Ensure your CV maintains a professional reflection of the type of worker you will be –

What if your blind date spoke to you in a loud voice with an abrasive tone? Or you came across a dating profile littered with spelling or grammar errors. Would this spark your interest to explore more about them? Probably not. That’s why please try to avoid using all capped letters throughout the entire document of your CV. And please do a review of spelling and grammar. Your CV will then provide an aesthetic that says this person is highly professional and is serious about work.

Depict facts that show you are someone to build with, someone who wants to grow –

A common reason for finding a suitable mate, is to meet a partner you can build and grow with. Forming a union, often brings you closer in your mission to achieve certain goals. Aspirations like buying a house or travelling together to an exotic destination you’ve only ever seen in a Netflix Romcom. So too, your prospective employer wants you to be an asset to their company’s vision and growth strategy.

One of the most distinct features is to show on your CV that you often upskill. List any skills training or workshops you’ve participated in, or online courses completed. Or show that you’re trying to complete that key technical Certification. That qualification that will allow you a broader scope of responsibility. Utilise this as proof you may be taking greater strides to attain a position of leadership. You become a more desirable applicant, someone who challenges themselves to progress in their career.

Don’t be shy to flaunt your achievements and where you have excelled –

When on a date, you may highlight something you’re quite good at to hopefully impress your potential partner. Hobbies like surfing or finding interesting podcasts to listen to. Or perhaps that you’re quite the “Braaimaster” or have mastered the art of rolling your own sushi. These are interesting facts you share to mainly gauge if you have shared interests.

When applying for that dream vocation, take time out to read the ad with a fine-tooth comb. See if there are achievements that could put yourself at an advantage. Like key projects you were exceptional at or accolades you received for great work. Or perhaps a voluntary job or an initiative you participate in during your spare time. Tutoring for example or teaching kids in your community to code. This could just prove as the extra “it factor” for your next employer to choose you. And ultimately see you make a career love connection with the job you’ve been searching for.

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