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AI’s trendiest addition ChatGPT can prove a useful and innovative Recruitment tool. Utilised to creatively word an email and even free up time for Recruiters. but matching people to jobs, requires that invaluable human touch ONLY Recruitment Consultants Can bring to the table.

AI technology often sparks fears of mass job redundancy and questions around what it would mean for industries like Recruitment.

It’s no secret that AI technology often sparks fears of mass job redundancy. So, with the arrival of American research lab OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, its impact on the Recruitment industry was questioned. ChatGPT VS Recruiters’ invaluable human touch? Explained as a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology, the AI chatbot allows you to have human-like conversations. Here at Datafin, we had our own questions around what this tech would mean for Recruitment.

As a large part of our business is IT Recruitment, there were concerns by some of our specialist Recruitment Consultants. One of them being that the demand for candidates like Software Developers might be indirectly impacted. ChatGPT for example, comes with a Code Interpreter Plugin which allows a user the ability to “complete complex programming tasks”. In-house IT Recruiter Bethany Sellar wondered if ChatGPT would have an adverse effect on her work. She was concerned that “it would take over Developers jobs and negatively impact my work as a Recruiter. “

In the Recruitment process, ChatGPT does have its beneficial pros. IT proves an effective communication tool for Recruiters to liaise with both clients and candidates.

Fears aside and putting ChatGPT to the test, Sellar has noted the beneficial pros of using the AI chatbot to enhance her communication with clients and candidates. Whether it be drawing up job specs, emails, or dishing out relevant interview questions. “I have also tried using it for LinkedIn communication to make my intros more catchy and interesting. ChatGPT is a nice tool to play around with to fully understand how it works and what are the best ways to ask questions in order to get the result you want.”

While the AI chatbot helps with writing, Sellar does not utilise ChatGPT to provide blanket responses. She still adds her “human touch” element to each communication thread, by customizing it to suit the specified situation.

“Generally, I use it to give me ideas, I do edit and change its responses to be more suitable for me.”

ChatGPT can aid various legs of Recruiting FROM Scheduling Interviews to Employer Branding. but the AI chatbot’s creators admit, it’s still not a “substitute for human intelligence and creativity”. human traits in a Recruiters arsenal used to marry the right people to the right jobs.

Other useful Recruitment techniques ChatGPT can aid with ranges from Scheduling Interviews to Employer Branding. When used for Candidate Screening – it asks pre-determined questions to ascertain if a person meets the minimum requirements for a role. But during a screening, a Recruitment Consultant can often gauge how serious a candidate is about a role. We can find out details about their family life that could affect a job for which they may need to relocate. Or the candid reasons they have decided to change career paths. Despite ChatGPT being touted as a “conversational” AI tool, the chatbot self-admittedly states that it’s “not a perfect substitute for human intelligence and creativity”. A Recruiter possesses unique human skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creativity.

While technology can help enhance our work in Recruitment, many jobseekers themselves still prefer to interact with a human Recruiter.

Intuition, empathy, and cultural awareness form part of human nature and interacting with other humans. “Recruiters play a critical role in building relationships with candidates, assessing fit, and making hiring decisions. They bring a level of intuition, empathy, and cultural awareness that AI may not be able to replicate.

“Candidates often prefer to interact with a human Recruiter who can answer their questions, provide feedback, and offer guidance throughout the recruitment process.”

When it comes to ChatGPT VS Recruiters’ invaluable human touch we came to this conclusion. While AI tools can definitely augment our work, here at Datafin we believe that “humans” and our shared experiences, remain at the heart of successful recruitment.

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