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Datafin and EdTech company HyperionDev are set to enter a joint partnership To get Tech Grads more “industry ready”. And, not only get Grads struggling to find work a foot in the door but equipped with staying power to secure a job.

The struggle to find work is realer than ever before. Despite Grads being fully qualified. They either can’t find a job or keep one. That’s why Datafin and HyperionDev have decided to enter a joint partnership to get Tech Grads more “industry ready”. This partnership aims to not only get Grads into the workforce, but secure and keep jobs.

Grads come armed for what they believe will be success in the job market. Course Degree or Certificate. Check. CV drawn up. Check. And an ambition to join teams at the forefront of cutting-edge tech. Using code and science to make our lives easier by conjuring up the latest software and gadgets. But despite being prepped for what they hope will guarantee them a job, qualified Grads are still struggling to secure jobs. Even after an Internship – they are not always being kept on. Left back to a LinkedIn status of “Open to work”.

Collaborative efforts between field experts can offer the holistic support Grads need to secure jobs and foster career growth.

HyperionDev approached Datafin in the confidence our wealth of Recruitment expertise will provide their Grads with “holistic support”. This, in an attempt to better match their “skills and aspirations” with jobs. And improve their chances of securing meaningful employment.

Career Services & Corporate Relations Specialist at HyperionDev, Avril Jack, said the institution chose Datafin as a “reputable Recruitment Agency known for their expertise in the field”.

“We have chosen to partner with Datafin for several reasons, namely their extensive experience in the Tech industry and solid understanding of its unique hiring requirement. We believe that their specialised knowledge and insights will enable us to better align our educational offerings with the evolving needs of the industry, ensuring that our learners are equipped with the most relevant and in-demand skills,“ explained Jack.

urgently need Tailored strategic solutions to get a grip on the growing jobless youth crisis.

Coming off June Youth Day celebrations, South Africa’s rising youth unemployment paints a grim picture. And with qualified Grads experiencing the common scenario above, urgent strategic solutions are what Datafin and HyperionDev are hoping to provide.

The partnership will bring HyperionDev’s “project-based” learning approach. And couple it with Datafin’s insider knowledge of company expectations and recruitment expertise. Like the current skills required. Establishing whether the Grad will fit the company culture and tips and tricks to help a young jobseeker ace an interview.

The EdTech company providing online courses and coding bootcamps – believes we need more accessibility to quality tech education. And with “hands-on experience”, Grads entering the job market will have a stronger portfolio.

To improve their employability, youth need access to skills that match skills in demand.

The EdTech company believes that these collaborations can help improve the employability of Grads. There is often a misalignment of skills and expectations between them and the potential employer.

Jack noted that Agencies like Datafin are in the know about what bosses are looking for. Not only the technical requirements around specific skills but often also the soft skills like culture fit.

“While technical expertise is essential, employers also value strong soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork and adaptability. Employers may seek candidates with specific skills, experience, or cultural fit. Often these do not perfectly match the backgrounds or expectations of the Interns or Graduates. This mismatch can hinder successful placement.

“Datafin brings a wealth of industry expertise in the Tech Recruitment space. Their knowledge of the market, hiring trends, and specific job requirements can provide valuable insights to HyperionDev in terms of aligning their educational offerings with the needs of the industry. This ensures that Graduates are equipped with the right skills and knowledge sought by employers,” noted Jack.

She also highlighted that it remains crucial to design curriculums that align with industry needs. These must be accompanied with practical experiences during studies. Internships, Apprenticeships, Industry-Projects, GitHub Profiles to better equip Grads entering the job market.

The lure of lucrative overseas jobs means knowledge transfer needs to happen more quickly.

As we lose more Senior Devs and IT professionals to companies abroad, it’s critical to find ways to hasten knowledge transfer to Juniors. To retain our local tech expertise and advancements in the industry. Datafin and HyperionDev –– are coming together to prioritise just that.

“We are hoping some of the companies that we work with that always look for Seniors might take on some of these very Juniors for a small salary and mentor them,” said Bev, Datafin Co-owner.

Ultimately this joint initiative hopes to get qualified youngsters’ practical, industry-relevant on-the-job training, mentorship, and experience to help upskill Grads from the ground up. But more importantly – ensure they secure jobs and get that full-time job offer they’ve been working towards.

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