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ChatGPT VS Recruiters’ invaluable human touch

AI’s trendiest addition ChatGPT can prove a useful and innovative Recruitment tool. Utilised to creatively word an email and even free up time for Recruiters. but matching people to jobs, requires that invaluable human touch ONLY Recruitment Consultants Can bring to the table. AI technology often sparks fears of mass job redundancy and questions around what it would mean for industries like Recruitment. It’s no secret that AI technology often sparks fears of mass job redundancy. So, with the arrival of American research lab OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, its impact on the Recruitment industry was questioned. ChatGPT VS Recruiters’ invaluable human touch? Explained as a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology, the AI chatbot allows you to have human-like conversations. Here at Datafin, we had our own questions around what this tech would mean for Recruitment. As a large part of our business is IT Recruitment, there were concerns by some of our specialist Recruitment Consultants. One of them being that the demand for candidates like Software Developers might be indirectly impacted. ChatGPT for example, comes with a Code Interpreter Plugin which allows a user the ability to “complete complex programming tasks”. In-house IT Recruiter Bethany Sellar wondered if…

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