Whether voting or changing careers, act despite hesitation or doubt

There’s a level of trust you have when you vote. Recently many of us, some reluctantly no doubt, took to the polls in the local government elections, to make our mark in what remains a powerful exercise in our fragile democracy. Logistics at the voting stations were not merely as smooth as hoped. Some had to endure hours of queuing, and for those in Cape Town, even getting wet during sporadic bouts of rain. But people continued to wait to ensure they do their bit. You hope the party at the helm will meet their rhetoric of promises for better service delivery, or at the very least, that our refuge bins get collected on the day it’s supposed to. Similarly, like voting, give the recruitment process the benefit of the doubt.

put your faith in our recruitment Consultants

Much like voting, applying for a new job too requires an allowance to trust the process. As a Recruitment Agency, we deal with people and people have their doubts. But our Recruitment Consultants have expertise in the waging war of minds. Candidates often battling uncertainty and the often-daunting emotion and hesitation to take a leap of faith when changing careers.

If it’s a new challenge or culture fit, Recruiters are equipped to find the best match

Delivering a recruitment service is as involved as any customer service can be. We provide that crucial middleman to whom a candidate who may be unhappy in their current job can turn to. Our clients depend on us to source the best possible staff. Someone who not only meets skill and experience requirements, but often more specifically, tick boxes like culture fit. The major evolution of the workplace we have been experiencing as a result of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, has made both employees and bosses take an insightful re-look at the type of working environment they want to be in or create or the vibe and balance they want for their businesses, teams, and work life.

Recruitment Agencies like Datafin, have your interests at heart and are here to assure you and lead the way to your new job

Datafin wants you like voting, to give the recruitment process the benefit of the doubt. Recruiters require you to have some faith in them to ensure the process continues with minimal stress. Each candidate is more than their CV. And each client, invaluable to the core of our business. If you run late for an interview or can’t make it, we are here to reschedule and help rearrange, or provide sound advice and clarity around sensitive salary negotiations. Vice versa for our clients, if they need additional background information or checks, it’s our job to ensure all parties involved are happy customers.

It only takes giving us the benefit of the doubt and entrusting in us, that we will do whatever it takes to see dream teams and dream jobs, become a reality.

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