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As a Recruiter, you play a crucial role between candidate and client, wading back and forth to try and marry the two successfully and send them on their hopefully blissful and lasting work marriage. Being in the middle often means a “tug-o-war” trying to meet the pressures of ensuring culture fits, salary negotiations and making that career match in heaven. And any Consultant would attest to the fact that this process also demands a humungous dose of patience and constant feedback between the two.

Sometimes it requires only one interview like that perfect first date, for the employer to decide the person we presented them, is indeed “The One”. This is of course, any Recruiter’s dream placement when no further dates for second or third interviews or technical or psychometric tests would be required. But for the most part, this scenario does not happen. Instead, it involves numerous emails, phone calls or Zoom’s or WhatsApp video chats, as you screen the candidate and liaise with the client to reach your end goal of them tying the knot of a loving working relationship.

And as with every date and every job, there are disappointments and let downs. You have found that amazing CV and got hold of this promising candidate. They then agree to the prospect of trying for the new job you have informed them of. The client, after scrutiny of this candidate’s credentials gives you their stamp of approval and you scurry into the next step of arranging an interview for them to meet. Many mishaps can unfold which often include unforeseen emergencies where either candidate or client must cancel the interview. Or one of our cringeworthy incidences when on the very day of the interview, the candidate without rhyme or reason, is simply a no show.

Another very disheartening part of the recruitment process is the delay of feedback, either from a client after interviewing your potential candidate or lengthy to and fro’s between the two while combing through the finer details of an employment contract. While we would love to have for the entire procedure to be as swift as possible, it just doesn’t always translate over into reality and the waiting game is part of the recruiting package.

What we do want both our clients and candidates to know is, we try our utmost to pull out all the stops and the red tape to ensure a smooth transition into a new job and working association between employee and the new edition to the company’s team. Just like the very catchy tune of the Scottish folk rock band Stealers Wheel, for those who still recall or know their music, we as Recruiters do have your best interest at heart and are literally “Stuck in the middle with you”. We often feel your angst and reservations about taking the leap into a new position and leaving the job you know behind, or for a client to give a candidate that big break to forge a new path in their careers. But remember, we are pro’s at shifting sands of the recruitment nitty gritty to make certain that both parties are ultimately made for one another.

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