Regular feedback: A critical tool to gain a competitive edge in business & strengthen hybrid/remote staff and client relations

Utilising feedback sessions serves as a critical tool in post-pandemic business models to gain a competitive edge by strengthening staff and productivity. With more companies having adopted a hybrid or remote working environment, there is an obvious disconnect when it comes to the human element. With less physical interaction where mostly everyone is no longer collectively in the same space at the same time, video platforms are now where team chats, interviews and meetings take place. The provision of a communication channel or way to have regular catchups, is especially useful to maintain some sort of team synergy and ultimately, ensure that your company performs optimally with or without a concrete office.

Bridge the gap with regular check-ins

As a fully remote operation itself, we here at Datafin have become more aware of the effectiveness of having regular check-ins with our clients and candidates alike. Human connection is at the heart of our business, and we need to get a feel for the people we deal with. Since Covid, many candidates have more introspection and want to know aspects such as whether the company operates sustainably or, if what they will be doing, will make as cited in a recent article in BusinessTech, “a meaningful contribution to the greater global issues”. The article further stated that “The pandemic doubled down on this focus on corporate citizenship, and businesses have had to ensure they identify sustainability risks and opportunities in every part of their business strategy, including in workforce planning.”

Feedback helps you gain valuable insight

We often use a WhatsApp video call with a candidate after having engaged via email, to provide a closer tie of the business relationship but also to gain valuable insight where you can gauge personality and culture fit. It helps develop more of an understanding as to where the individual might fit in and find out more about their needs or what their expectations or hopes are for the next job. Similarly with clients, that extra follow-up has become crucial to ensuring clients are reminded that we are working hard to find professionals who will suit not only the skillset required but buy into their ethos and vision.

Johan Botes, Partner and Head of the Employment & Compensation Practice, Baker McKenzie Johannesburg wrote in BusinessTech that post-pandemic, employers who can find the “right workforce mix” will give themselves that competitive edge and will be “at a strategic advantage when it comes to attracting the right talent and managing an engaged workforce in the new world of work.”

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