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Alleviate workers’ state of “Presenteeism” and “Resenteeism”

ALLEVIATE WORKERS’ STATE OF “PRESENTEEISM” AND “RESENTEEISM” As the cost of living continues to soar along with retrenchments on a global scale, employees are left with uncertainty. Bosses can, however, utilise ways to help alleviate workers’ state of “Presenteeism” and “Resenteeism” and inject positivity back into their staff. If you’re of the “old stock” like myself – you know life before cellphones existed and you would have physically used a fax machine. If that’s a silent nod in agreement – then you probably have no cooking clue as I did when hearing workers today are suffering a state of “Presenteeism” and “Resenteeism”. Well, it’s the latest in the string of trendy terms, summed up as two ways of describing workers who are at work, but not happy or particularly productive in their job. The difference between “Presenteeism” vs “Resenteeism”. In the case of “Presenteeism” you’re signed in for work and online or physically at the office. You presenting as “Checked In” at your workplace. But you’re not performing your job optimally. You are highly unproductive and usually it’s due to personal problems. This could be issues with your physical or mental health or other distractions unrelated to work.When you’re down…

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