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No hibernating while trying to "glow up" your career

While you may feel like crawling into a cave and emerging when sunnier days are upon us, don’t put the hunt for your dream job on hold. No hibernating when trying to “glow up” your career – instead you should be ramping up your efforts.

Fighting the Winter blues requires additional fuel to heat up your attempts to move closer to the job you desire.

Dragging yourself out of bed during the icy chill of Winter, for some requires an extra strong signal from your brain to shove your body into action. Even for us working from home, (I know, how dare we complain), it’s a mission to rise and shine during the colder season. When it’s still pitch-black outside at 6am and you need to layer your clothing, looking like an Alaskan safeguarding yourself from the frosty bite of the snow.

Fill your head with inspirational content. Could be a book, e-book or podcast to guide your brain into optimistic thought. Consider getting an app with daily alerts of motivational quotes. These are a nudge as a reminder that the job hunt – above all else – requires a positive mind shift. Adjust your workspace to create a toastier environment whether it be a thicker blanket or extra lighting like the use of a sun lamp. Or venture outside for some natural sunlight when graced with some. My lifesaving thermal garment which helps keep me snug during the frostier workdays, is my gown (and no, this is of course not appropriate attire for any video interview) or switching the gas heater on to warm the room.

When you’re feeling like a frozen popsicle, it’s even easier to delay jobhunting. Create little incentives for yourself for each step you take in the job hunt process.

Procrastination usually becomes the easier option when your fingers feel stiff and frozen. Or your coffee or office beverage of choice needs to be reheated for the umpteenth time. Instead of putting up an invisible “Out of Office aka Gone into Hibernation” sign on your job hunt, incentivize yourself. Perhaps allocate a set time to scour available jobs on Datafin’s website. If something catches your eye, contact the specified Consultant immediately instead of leaving it till later. If the Recruiter is unable to take your call ––they are often busy on another call or meeting – you can send a message via WhatsApp where we can quickly respond. And after each physical effort to look for jobs – reward yourself for example with an order of your favorite brew (mine would be a salted caramel hot choc with some gooey marshmallows floating on top😉).

Incentives can be applied to your daily work routine as well. According to Joshua Daniel, a Career Coach at kornferry.com, “Give small rewards for small tasks and larger rewards for larger tasks, thereby creating a scaling system that aligns the importance of a task with something of equal significance that you enjoy.”

Refocus and remember the bigger picture –- changing your life’s trajectory - is ultimately what you’re aiming for.

Changing your home into a smart house, purchasing an electric car, or affording that holiday to visit family overseas or just experience any sort of travel period. It might be the freedom to have more creative input or flexibility to spend more time with the kids. Or to work remotely to escape long commutes or to join a team with a company working to change systems to see local economies and the lives of those in Developing countries improve. These are often the bigger picture goals you should visualize when trying to make a career move.

There should clearly be no hibernating when trying to “glow up” your career. So, get your gloves on, additional stock of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and your eye on the prize. Then apply, apply, apply.

“Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance” … Yoko Ono

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