Ruby on Rails Developer (CPT Only)

IT – Software Development
Cape Town – Western Cape ~ Stellenbosch – Western Cape

THE coding talents of a Ruby on Rails Developer is sought by a cutting-edge AgriTech company based in Stellenbosch, to join its team and help build out a SaaS platform for the agricultural sector. The team is full stack, and you can expect to be given the necessary support that will allow you to work on all parts of its platform…front-end, back-end, desktop clients, infrastructure, design, R&D, security. You must preferably have a Degree in Computer Science/Mathematics/Engineering, BBA or Information Systems with proficiency in Ruby on Rails, Angular, Electron desktop app, Heroku, RDS Postgres, various AWS services, Gitlab, CI/CD, GraphQL, Figma and Docker.
  • Refactor our vessel, container & pallet tracking for more performant and advanced use cases.
  • Add additional strategies to reconcile packhouse output with orders.
  • Alerts for transportation changes (ETA changes, GPS monitoring).
  • Replace certain 3rd party container tracking services with our own.
  • Integrate into department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries APIs for enriched tracking.
  • Architecture refactor for the ETL pipeline into an ELT based solution.
  • Improved ops dashboards for various tracking libraries.
  • R&D database sharding strategies to support increased future volume.
  • Phase out more of the old Bulma usage in favour of Tailwind CSS.
  • POC for Mongo usage instead of Postgres for large document tables.
  • Invoice generation and payment alerts.
Qualifications –
  • Preferably a Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Business Administration (BBA) or Information Systems.
Languages / Frameworks / Major Libraries / Infra:
  • Ruby on Rails API
  • Angular web app
  • Electron desktop app
  • Heroku for API and background workers
  • RDS Postgres for database
  • Various AWS services
  • Gitlab for source control & CI/CD
  • GraphQL for all network comms
  • Figma for UI prototyping
  • Docker for local dev (we dev on nix or win, you choose)