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Software Quality Engineer

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A specialist in the game development arena, seeks a Software Quality Engineer with a detailed understanding of the SDLC and testing and automation procedures. You will require 5+ years’ experience in a similar role, JavaScript, HTML5, Selenium & C#. If you’re passionate about optimising testing standards and processes and maintaining software quality, then APPLY NOW!



Adhere and optimise standards and processes –

Complete all necessary task administration and documentation related to the project’s implementation.

Develop and refine plans, templates, strategy and re-estimate workload requirements.

Follow prescribed processes and workflow.

Proactively review and improve, create and innovate processes, tools and methodologies.


Coaching and Mentoring –

Effectively plan and supervise the work of others to guide them towards individual and departmental goal achievement.

Foster the cooperation of others in order to achieve desired work objectives.

Mentor and support members in the team.

Provide constructive, appropriate feedback to others, and attempt to reinforce their efforts and development progress.

Provide instruction, skills transfer and guidance in collaboration with team lead in order to help others develop.


Completion, Review and Improvement –

Complete relevant documentation according to standards.

Complete a pre-deployment handover.

Continuous enhancement of existing methodology material and supporting assets.

Documentation Sign-off where required.

Follow up on deployment and live testing.

Participation in sprint or post Project review.

Review all missed / live issues and implement improvements.

Review Test artifacts and confirm Test approach.

Verify and release files for deployment.


Detect & track defects –

All defects found are logged and communicated to relevant stakeholders.

All unresolved defects are reviewed with stakeholders, according to status before sign-off.

Apply the rule of defect clustering.

Drive Latent defect prevention and reduction.

High priority defects logged early.

Maintain defects throughout its lifecycle: entry, checking, retesting, regression, update status, closure, review, removed duplicates according to best practices.

Reporting and analysis on defects.


Execution –

Complete sign-off procedure.

Complete Test Cycles/Sprints.

Ensure that the functionality of the software corresponds to specified requirements and within the quality standards.

Ensure that tools / scripts / test techniques do not compromise the quality and functionality of the software.

Escalate delays in test execution.

Execution of basic non-functional tests with monitoring and analysis.

Identify bottlenecks in the system.

Issue identification and troubleshooting.

Multiple levels of testing documented and executed. (component, Integration testing, system testing, acceptance, performance, security).

Root cause analysis of any issues identified.

Schedule, execute and record tests according to the Test Plan/Checklists.

Software Version control is adhered to.

Test software installation.

Verify and make recommendations based off targets, metrics and thresholds.

Verify and validate test outcomes (logs, traces and data results etc.).

Work closely with all other teams to ensure effective cross-team coordination.


Leadership – Program Level –

Adapt to changing situational requirements.

Co-ordination of Integration testing.

Innovate and implement change.

Knowledge transfer and upskilling of self and team.

Provide support as required.

Work towards achieving team objectives / deliverables.


Preparation and Planning –

Adhere to best practices.

Agree on deliverables.

Create / Update / Refactor Test Cases / Artifacts to ensure that all necessary scenarios are covered in the designed tests, using applicable Test Techniques.

Escalate delays in planning.

Identify and engage with stakeholders.

Identify risks and plans contingencies based on similar projects or past experience.

Implement risk-based prioritisation of tests.

Improve efficiency by finding ways to reduce man hours/physical time for testing.

Participate in Planning and Design sessions.

Perform test focused requirements analysis and design.

Perform Test Initialisation.

Plan and develop reusable and maintainable artefacts for cost effective maintainability.

Read release document and find out all relevant information regarding the project and any external factors that may affect the project before the project has been scheduled to start.

Requirements gathering and analysis.

Test cases to be automated are identified, defined and prioritised.

Test Data preparation.

Test Strategy defined and documented where relevant.

Test tool investigation and communication of findings.


Prepared software and test environment –

Continuous Environment monitoring and troubleshooting of issues.

Ensure Environment is available for testing and prerequisites are met.

Environment improvements/updates/fixes logged and communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

Environment management for e.g. Copies/backup/snapshots are taken.

Identify and complete necessary pre and post testing checks for environment stability and health.

Log Environment issues.


Prepare software and test environment –

Check installation document to ensure all relevant and detailed information, paths, correct scripts, versions and packages are ready to be installed.

Ensure Patch dependencies are tracked, recorded and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.

Follow the deployment checklist as documented for software installation.


Stakeholder Management –

Ensure internal and external program stakeholders are informed through active communication during the project lifespan.

Follow up on all communication, ensuring any requests or tasks are understood and actioned.

Involves Test Specialist Teams to ensure relevant testing is completed.

Proactively support Management / Team / Lead.

Raise issues timeously and ensure all impediments are communicated according to priority.

Resolve support requests/work items within an agreed timeframe.



Must-Haves –

5+ Years’ relevant experience.

Strong automation experience.

Strong JavaScript coding and HTML 5.


Additional –

Strong understanding of web tech.

Strong understanding and experience with Selenium and C# (and other similar languages advantageous).

Understand the SDLC.

Ability to troubleshoot with assistance.


Advantageous –




Independent / Self Starter.

Appropriate problem-solving skills.

Work under pressure.

Good written and verbal communication.

Effectively prioritise and manage.

Good Time Management.


While we would really like to respond to every application, should you not be contacted for this position within 10 working days please consider your application unsuccessful.



When applying for jobs, ensure that you have the minimum job requirements. Only SA Citizens will be considered for this role. If you are not in the mentioned location of any of the jobs, please note your relocation plans in all applications for jobs and correspondence. Please e-mail a word copy of your CV to and mention the reference numbers of the jobs.


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