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There’s no doubt that almost every person who has felt the strain of the year that has been 2020, when a deadly pandemic mimicking the age-old Flu virus made its appearance and left many impacted by its wrath, perhaps feeling only too relieved that we will soon embark on a new year. We cannot however fool ourselves into thinking that things are going to drastically improve. Restrictive state measures and masks may well stick around for quite some time to come – the “new normal” – an existence we have now become accustomed to. When it comes to business, the economy was brought to its knees. Many industries including our specialist service of recruiting, took a hard knock. We have had to adapt around remote working, MS Teaming, Zooms and WhatsApp video calls, as we embrace our ever-changing way of work and world alike.

Many of you had to continue braving it out there and going into the office either on a rotation basis or still the daily commute as before lockdown. My heart went out to parents who had to juggle homeschooling and kids now more homebound. It has been a rough year. But equally so, a deeply significant one, which showcased how the human spirit continues to be resolute in is resilience.

Neighbours and strangers and countries have provided aid and support and compassion to one another and for those who needed it most. For many companies such as ours, business was almost brought to a halt and we were left fearful of these uncertain times. And then slowly but surely, as people began venturing out again to exercise and to shopping malls all masked up and practicing social distancing, so too candidates put their faith in us to continue helping them find jobs.

Many have expressed a heartwarming appreciation for that phone call or video chat with our recruitment consultants, as human interaction during this time has become so much more vital and valued. We vow to continue serving our clients and candidates with that engaging human connection, the heart of our business.

We at Datafin would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all who have lost loved ones as a result of Covid-19 and for those who have lost their livelihoods. We hope and pray that each and every person will hold onto the strength of their inner resilient selves, and soldier on with the hope that we can forge a different normal that will see us as individuals and the human race continue to thrive.

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