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Most dreaming is done in the dark when the lights are out and you’re finally fast asleep. There your mind designs a realm where you go to work with a smile on your dial and you have the career you’ve always wanted.

But in the real world, if you’re trying to find your dream job in the dark when Eskom has announced yet another round of Stage 4 load shedding, it can be super frustrating, to say the least.

Despite the schlep, load shedding has indeed breathed new life into the action of preparation when it comes to our daily functioning and it is key for those of us who are job hunting or going for interviews.

Here are 5 tips to continue your job search or prep for interviews when off-the-grid:

  1. Load shedding Schedules – Check when power outages will occur in your area. Be sure to get your devices charged beforehand. If going for an interview, check when there will be load shedding in the area where the company you’re travelling to is situated. This helps to make provision for extra travel time as there may be non-functioning traffic lights.
  2. Portable Chargers – Keep these charged just in case your phone loses battery life but of course your phone should be fully charged too. Ensure that once the portable charger is charged fully that you turn it off and only back on when you need it.
  3. Interview Confirmation – If Eskom announces there will be load shedding on the day of your interview, confirm with the recruitment agency or the person in charge of scheduling the interview, whether it will still take place as planned. Especially if you have established the power will be out at the company during the timeframe when the interview will be conducted. PS. If you need to iron your interview outfit ensure this is done ahead of load shedding, you wouldn’t want to rock up all wrinkled.
  4. Skype / Telephonic Interviews – Download Skype on your phone and ensure you have enough data. Check when you will have power in your area to take the video call and that all necessary devices are charged.
  5. Assessments – Plan when you will complete an assessment. Make provision to do it either much earlier or after power cuts, so you don’t end up in a panic when the electricity goes out and you’re only mid-way through the assessment.
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