Software Engineer

IT – Software Development
Stellenbosh – Western Cape

BE a core contributor to the tech evolution, UX design and architecture and success of a leading global provider of cutting-edge Telecommunications Solutions seeking your coding talents as a Software Engineer. You will join a team and help develop user interfaces and supporting application server components for data organisation, data exploration, data analysis, data visualization, GIS and workflow. The ideal candidate will require a BSc. Honours in Computer Science/BEng with Computer Science or equivalent plus 2-5 year’s suitable work experience. You must have experience with Full Stack UI Development & familiarity of user research, personas and Information Architecture. Some of your tech tools should include Java, TDD, SOLID, gRPC, SQL, Maven, GIT, JIRA, Spring Boot, JavaScript and TypeScript, vue.js – familiarity with the vue.js ecosystem.
  • Help us to extend the company’s position as market leader providing insights into Telecoms Big Data delivered
  • by very large, distributed processing systems.
  • Join us in the early stage of creating new user interface applications using Vue.js and Spring Boot and make a significant contribution to their success, technology evolution, UX design and architecture.
  • Work in an Agile team with high customer focus developing software in a Continuous Integration environment.
  • Obsess over requirements, design and user experience to deliver just the right product that promotes user adoption and delights customers.
  • Have passion for developing robust, reliable, high-throughput systems used by hundreds of expert Operators, Analysts and Administrators.
  • Over time, provide guidance on adoption of advances in technology and software architecture design to improve our position in the market through the quality of products.
  • Min. B.Sc. Computer Science Hons, BEng (with Computer Science subjects up to final year) or equivalent plus 2 – 5 year’s relevant experience in an aligned position.
  • Full Stack UI Development.
  • Familiar with UX interaction design process with familiarity of user research, personas and Information Architecture.
  • Experience –
    • Building new UI architectures from scratch.
    • Automated test development and processes to support Continuous Integration.
    • In multi-threaded performance-centric design.
    • Deploying solutions to production, providing support and maintenance, dealing with user and support feedback and troubleshooting to rapidly solve problems.
    • Design and development for distributed service-oriented architectures and asynchronous messaging.
    • Integration of diverse systems in a service-oriented architecture.
    • Dependency Injection.
    • Refactoring skills.
    • Semantic Versioning.
    • Software development effort estimation and planning.
    • Micro-service architecture design patterns.
    • Application of SOLID design principles and principles of modular application architecture.
    • TDD, Automated Test Development and Continuous Integration.
Tech Stack:
  • Java
  • gRPC
  • SQL
  • Maven
  • GIT
  • JIRA
  • Spring Boot
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • vue.js – familiarity with the vue.js ecosystem
  • grpc-web
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Innovative, solving tough problems and revealing unique solutions.
  • Detail orientated approach that seeks to gain a deep understanding of the domain.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to promote collaboration and enhance teamwork.
  • Desire to mentor others to promote the strength of the team.
  • Aspire to learn new skills and research to gain knowledge.
  • Take initiative, prioritize and work independently with little need for supervision. 
  • Desire to improve and drive change that leads to higher quality and productivity for the whole team.