Senior Talent Manager

Johannesburg – Gauteng

We are currently in search of a Senior Talent Manager to join the team of a Community Upliftment Programme situated in Johannesburg. This pivotal position entails the oversight of talent, guaranteeing that individuals in diverse roles actively contribute to the realization of the organization’s ambitious goals.  Applicants for this role should hold at least a minimum degree or provide equivalent evidence of their learning and capabilities. Additionally, a minimum of 5 years of pertinent professional experience is required. This experience can be in roles such as talent acquisition, talent management, HR business partnering, or other roles involving "people" and "talent" aspects, such as leadership development, change management, and organizational development.
Collaborate with hiring managers in:
  • Scoping role needs proactively.
  • Co-developing and updating role specifications (specs).
  • Interpreting roles framework and remuneration policy.
  • Developing clear job adverts that articulate employee value proposition.
  • Leading and managing focused sourcing, searching, and outreach for key roles.
  • Identifying, building relationships with, and managing recruiting service providers and agencies.
  • Managing candidates’ experience to uphold the employee value proposition (for key roles).
  • Signing off on and offering jobs, then contracting incoming employees.
  • Maintaining & Updating Roles Framework and Remuneration Framework:
Onboarding Newcomers:
  • Collaborate with and coach relevant people managers in leading and developing onboarding to create incoming employees’ experiences of belonging, integration, and purpose across phases including pre-boarding, early onboarding, in-boarding, and off-boarding.
Retaining Employees for the company’s Success:
  • Support, guide, collaborate with, and coach people managers in:
  • Supporting employee well-being, including managing service providers.
  • Conducting regular one-on-one performance-development conversations.
  • Conducting annual one-on-one performance-development review conversations.
  • Guiding employees’ and teams’ informal learning.
  • Diagnosing ongoing development opportunities and performance problems.
  • Deciding employee ratings for annual bonus determinations.
  • Interpreting relevant policies and employment & workplace legislation.
  • Monthly org-wide staff meetings guided by OD & People Lead.
  • Twice-annual staff retreats guided by OD & People Lead in collaboration with top management.
  • Convening and coordinating a forum for interns and inexperienced employees.
  • Managing Employee Information for Decision-making and Risk Mitigation:
  • Managing staff database, records, payroll information, Employee Self-Service platform, leave policy & procedure, labour relations & legal service provider, and exit process.
  • Managing Generally in Service of the Above:
  • Contribute as an equal member of Manco (broad management committee).
  • Maintain, update, and guide development of policies related to talent, roles, and remuneration.
  • Identify, build relationships with, manage, and leave relationships with service providers as appropriate.
  • Minimum degree or equivalent evidence of learning & capabilities, with evidence of excellence & analytic ability.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience in talent acquisition, talent management, HR business partner, or related roles.
  • Some recruiting experience preferred, or a strong appetite to learn.
  • People & team management experience & insights strongly preferred.
  • Clear orientation towards people, managers, and collaboration for success.
  • Curiosity, track record of learning, openness to feedback, and familiarity with "systems thinking" advantageous.
  • Demonstrated ability to see and realize the big picture while attending to details. 
  • Professional communication skills.