Senior Software Development Engineer (R&D) (PTA Hybrid)

IT – Software Development
Pretoria/Centurion – Gauteng

CONTRIBUTE to the robustness of the product roadmap and improvement function with the B2C Division of a HealthTech company in Pretoria seeking your coding expertise as a Senior Software Development Engineer (R&D). You will drive the implementation of the vision for hardware and software products and line-up while also getting new, compliant, and excellent devices and solutions onto the platform in the shortest possible timeframe, pulling the global team together towards successful product implementation. The ideal candidate will require a suitable BSc or BEng technical Degree, have 5+ years minimum relevant work experience with hands-on Software Development having been responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of 1 or more projects/product. You will need proficiency in Git/SVN, C# Development, Web Development, Golang Development, iOS Development & Android Development.
Project and Product Management (20%) –
  • Take personal ownership of projects/ products/ systems and work quality as well as contribute to team development and the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Efficient and effective reporting on progress, strategies, product performance, prioritization, decisions, risks, and tasks to Product Owner.
  • Accomplish objectives by supporting the establishment of effective plans, and budgets; reviewing progress, managing priorities and capacity, and making mid-course corrections to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Ensure the team is aligned, meets timelines, and produces content of the highest quality by (but not limited to) coordinating and resolving issues experienced with projects and between team members.
  • Effectively track, manage, and escalate project risks.
  • Effective stakeholder management, communication, and relationship management (both internal across functional teams and external).
  • Multitask on a suite of projects and products, all within different stages of development and implementation.
Product Research and Development (40%) –
  • Develop and integrate new products into the ecosystem, platform, and apps (spanning firmware development, app development, and hardware development). This includes defining product requirements and designing solutions that consider commercialization, legal and operational aspects.
  • Follow best practice design and development methodologies in sustaining high quality, clean, auditable and manageable products, and systems.
  • Effective product, services, and system testing (including integration and regression testing) and approval, including ensuring documentation are peer-reviewed, the management of release notes, and effective communication with stakeholders on changes and/or improvements.
  • Drive continuous improvement and streamlining of existing products, services, systems, and processes within the division (by identifying issues, bugs, and bottlenecks)
  • Ensure product design and development is informed by internal data as well as market, customer, and competitor research.
Regulatory and Quality Management (20%) –
  • Support business process improvements, operationalization, and optimization for the division (including QMS, practices, standards, and processes).
  • Adhere to and ensure compliance with the established processes and standards for the division and product development lifecycle.
  • Support with the preparation, execution, and reporting on user studies as required for certification and quality verification of product roadmap.
  • Ensure quality control of new and existing products and services, which includes regulatory and legislative compliance (working with the L&R team) – resulting in low failure and returns rates.
Documentation and Certification (20%) –
  • Produce and manage high-quality product development and specification documents in line with the quality standards and processes of the division (incl. handover documentation).
  • Compile relevant records as necessary for compliance with ISO, CE, FDA, QMS (and other) standards and requirements as applicable to assigned products.
  • Assist with the application of, management, and improvement of quality standards and processes for product development documentation across the division.
  • Conduct documentation reviews to evaluate and improve document quality across the division and support with review and sign-off of subsequent designs and documentation post-handover from the division to implementation teams.
Qualifications –
  • Technical Degree (BSc or BEng) – Minimum.
  • BEng Computer, BEng Biomedical or BEng Electronic – Desirable.
Experience/Skills –
  • 5+ Years minimum (8+ Years preferred) relevant work experience.
  • Hands-on Software Developer having been responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of 1 or more projects/product.
  • Experience with planning, managing priorities and ensuring high quality and timeous delivery.
  • Hardware integration and testing.
  • Documentation (specifications and quality management system).
  • Source Control systems (Git or SVN).
  • Familiarity with Software Configuration Management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review.
  • Able to understand, design and build complex systems.
  • Able to problem solve and troubleshoot issues and determine causes for success or failure.
  • Research and product development.
  • Good development practices utilising modern design patterns and software architectures.
  • Good communication and stakeholder management skills (internal and external).
Experience with a combination of any of the following (role will require coding across a range of languages and tools):
    • C# Development
    • Web Development
    • Golang Development
    • iOS Development
    • Android Development
Advantageous –
  • A good understanding of storage mechanisms, threading, lifecycles.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Understanding of RF, BLE and wireless communications is preferable.
  • Audio processing knowledge.
  • Knowledge of medical devices and / or hearing aids.
  • Design and build data stores with complex relationships (relational or NoSQL).
  • Built/Design distributed systems, RESTful and back-end APIs, or Microservices.
  • Familiarity with (TDD) Unit Testing, Performance, Load, or End-to-end Integration Tests. 
  • Experience with software like Atlassian JIRA or