Senior Mobile App Developer (Ionic/React Native) (Remote)

IT – Software Development

YOUR passion & drive to be at the forefront of the latest tech & modern media world coupled with as solid mathematical aptitude and coding talents as a Senior Mobile App Developer is sought by a dynamic provider of Sustainable Tech Solutions to the Agricultural sector. Your role will entail building and deploying iOS & Android apps, identifying technical risks and implementing controls while recommending and implementing new mobile products, applications & protocols. The successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Programming or similar discipline, have 3 years’ hands-on experience with mobile deployments, solid knowledge of Mobile Unit Testing frameworks and automation toolkits, Statistical Analysis & Continuous Integration. Your tech tools should include Android/iOS/Ionic/React Native, Kotlin/JavaScript/Swift, Firebase and AngularJS.
  • Identify and plan for new features.
  • Provide reasonable estimates of complexity.
  • Build and deploy iOS and Android applications according to specified Scope of Work.
  • Write code that is easy to understand and maintain by other members of the team.
  • Integrate with APIs.
  • Identify technical risks and implement controls.
  • Suggest and implement new mobile products, applications and protocols.
  • Remain up to date with the terminology, concepts and best practices for coding mobile apps.
  • Work closely with colleagues to constantly innovate app functionality and design.
  • Use and adapt existing web applications for apps.
  • Write Unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions or bugs.
  • Communicate with end users to understand their needs and experiences.
  • Ensure that products address clients’ needs – necessitating an agile approach.
Qualifications –
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Programming or related field.
Experience/Skills –
  • 3 Years’ hands-on experience in mobile deployments.
  • Experience with Android/ iOS/ Ionic/ React Native.
  • Knowledge of Mobile Unit Testing frameworks and automation toolkits.
  • Knowledge and experience in using Static Analysis, Continuous Integration and build automation tools and frameworks.
  • Proficient in one or more programming language(s) used for mobile app development: React, Kotlin, JavaScript, Swift etc.
  • Experience in Firebase, AngularJS.
  • The ability to interpret and follow technical plans. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills and communication skills.