Senior Back-End Engineer (Remote)

IT – Software Development

SERVE as the go to person for technical challenging coding problems as your expertise as a solutions-driven Senior Back-End Engineer is sought by a leading FinTech company. Your role will entail participating in the architecture & design of server-side product components while helping to product optimal test coverage, hosting code reviews, pairing and mobbing sessions. The successful candidate must have extensive experience in Software Engineering Principles & Software Design Patterns with strong C#, .Net, .Net Core and T-SQL.
  • Participate in the architecture and design of server-side components of products.
  • Exposing product’s server capabilities to front-end and client interfaces.
  • Help produce optimal test coverage of products with intelligent quality assurance processes.
  • Host code reviews, pairing sessions, and mobbing sessions.
  • Be the go-to person for technically challenging coding problems.
  • Comfortable with occasional investigation of highly technical customer issues.
  • Extensive experience in Software Engineering Principles and Software Design Patterns.
  • Fluent in C# with comprehensive exposure to .Net framework and .Net Core.
  • Fluent in Transact-SQL with substantial experience in relational database design.
  • Excellent comprehension in areas of logic and Mathematics.
Advantageous –
  • Experience in cloud computing paradigms, in particular Microservice architectures.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A passion to learn and extend knowledge continuously.
  • The ability to manage and motivate self and others.
  • Good at problem solving and innovative thinking. 
  • Thrive in an Agile environment and be adaptable.