Senior Azure Developer (JHB)

IT – Software Development
Johannesburg – Gauteng

A cutting-edge FinTech company in Joburg seeks the technical expertise of a Senior Azure Developer whose core role will be to design, develop and implement technical software solutions to Capital Markets challenges through Software Engineering. You will be responsible for the quality and execution of the software development process on client deliverables. You will also elicit technical requirements, design technical solutions, plan task execution while ensuring continual growth in Software Engineering competence, competitiveness and innovation. The successful incumbent must possess a BSc. Computer Science/B.Eng. Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering or similar Degrees with 4-6 years’ work experience in Azure IAS, Front End & Back End Development, Angular/React & C#. You must also have solid knowledge in Software Engineering and Capital Markets subject matter, across asset classes, across business areas at the requisite level of seniority (accountability).
Role Objectives –
  • Understand and clarify client technical requirements to identify, document and solve client technical challenges within the client business and/or technical context.
  • Deliver technical solutions to solve client business and/or technical challenges.
  • Ensure that implemented technical solutions address the original client business and/ or technical requirement with the requisite quality and efficiency that aims to exceed client expectations.
  • Ensure continual growth in Software Engineering competence, competitiveness and innovation through continuous individual learning and development.
  • Requirements Gathering – Elicitation of technical requirements for input to technical requirements specifications.
  • Solution Design – Design of technical solutions that address client requirements.
  • Scoping – Contribute to client deliverable scope analysis and definition within context of technical requirements.
  • Software Development – The ability to develop software to deliver technical solutions to client requirements.
  • Planning – Plan task execution and deliver accordingly.
  • Documentation – Document all required aspects related to technical analysis including requirements, solutions and testing according to Software Engineering documentation standards.
  • Testing – Definition, validation and documentation of functional and/or technical testing scope, test cases and test outcomes across all testing phases, including Unit, Functional/Integration, Regression and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Solution Verification – Quality control and verification of final solution adherence to technical requirements specifications before final production delivery and implementation.
  • Technical Solution Training – Training to client business users in the use and understanding of proposed or implemented solutions.
  • Post Implementation Support – Software maintenance and client assistance in the technical use and understanding of implemented solutions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – The ability to engage relevant stakeholders of a deliverable for all technical delivery aspects.
  • Prioritisation – The ability to identify the object of highest importance and executing accordingly.
  • Communication – The ability to convey relevant information in written and verbal form with the intent of creating clarity.
  • Interpersonal Skills – The ability to interact with other people, individually and in groups through listening, effective speaking and the ability to control and manage emotions.
  • Collaboration – Being intentional about working together with others to achieve a common purpose, and the realisation that the collective result is superior to individual results.
Qualifications –
  • BSc. Computer Science or B.Eng. Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering or similar Degrees.
Experience/Skills –
  • Azure IAS experience.
  • Front End Developer experience.
  • Back End Developer experience.
  • Angular/React Front End Technology.
  • C#.
  • Software Engineering fundamental knowledge at the requisite level of seniority (accountability).
  • Capital Markets subject matter, across asset classes, across business areas at the requisite level of seniority (accountability).
Advantageous –
  • Capital Markets Software Systems knowledge at the requisite level of seniority (accountability).
  • Post-graduate Degree.
Upholds Standards – Behaves ethically and justly; is discreet and maintains confidentiality; meets commitments by acting with integrity.
Interprets Data – Interprets data rationally by quantifying issues; applies technology as a means to evaluating data; evaluates information objectively.
Provides Insights – Is focused on continuously improving things; provides insights by identifying key issues; makes intuitive judgments.
Adopts Practical Approaches – Applies practical skills when investigating issues; prefers to learn by doing; is practically minded and applies common sense.
Explores Possibilities – Is conceptual when developing ideas; applies theories to problem solving; prefers to learn by thinking and identifying underlying principles.
Meets Timescales – Is target-focused and meets deadlines; is punctual and keeps to schedule; is reliable in finishing tasks.
Produces Output – Is focused on activity and works quickly; keeps busy and maintains productivity; is comfortable multi-tasking to produce output.
Pursues Goals – Strives to achieve outstanding results; is ambitious and acts with determination; persists through difficulties to achieve results.