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Project Director

Product/Project management
Cape Town – Western Cape

SUPPORT both local & global digital health projects as your expertise & robust leadership as a Project Director is sought by a cutting-edge eHealth company. You will be joining a vibrant business and technical team where you will help deliver an effective health information system and integrated health architectures on several exciting projects. You must be able to identify project and team risks and work to resolve or mitigate these risks before they impact delivery, their people or their customers. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical grasp of the HealthTech domain in order to make your own evaluation of workplan scope, risks and opportunities with experience delivering end to end software solutions, managing complex stakeholder networks and creating win-win value for client and company.
  • Provide leadership, management, and digital health expertise to manage several digital health, information systems, technology and development programs and projects within the public health ecosystem in South Africa and other countries in Africa.
  • The Projects Director is responsible to control everything within their portfolio: Budget, Timelines, Workplan scope, People / Teams, Risk mitigation, Client engagement and Opportunity development.
  • Contribute to the well-being and growth of the business at large and must be able to act in the best interest for the company, demonstrated by getting involved in company problem-solving and taking initiative for continuous improvement.
  • Manage, delegate, enable and build leaders in their respective environments.
  • The Projects Director is ultimately accountable for the Leads executing on their KPI’s.
The Projects Director’s role can be outlined in the following aspects:
Delivery Management –
  • Their craft is focused on leadership, account management, enabling delivery and ensuring accountability. They are focused on high level objectives/broader delivery goals and consistently guide their teams.
  • Ensure that teams follow a well-defined delivery approach to:
    • Requirements, estimations, scope, and task management
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management
    • Release Management
    • Design and architecture
    • Quality Assurance
    • Project Planning
    • Status Reporting
    • On-boarding and off-boarding of team members
    • Define the correct KPI’s, definitions of success and measurement of success for their teams
    • Establish appropriate reporting lines and team structures
Leadership –
  • Set the strategic mission, vision and purpose for their teams and will champion the culture within their environments.
Focus on impact on the client –
  • Elevates the brand and finds new ways to bring value to customers. Actively grow the company footprint with their customers aligning to broader strategic objectives.
Program and Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Have a strong technical grasp of the health information technology domain in order to make your own evaluation of workplan scope, risks and opportunities.
  • Experience delivering end to end software solutions, managing complex stakeholder networks and creating win-win value for client and company.
  • Strong team player.
  • Confident and assertive in decision-making.
  • Can communicate their thought process and decisions to varying audiences clearly.
  • Able to negotiate and explain a way forward (priorities, decisions, definition of scope) when there are differences of opinion.
  • Shows a high level of ability to lead and manage people.
  • Shows effectiveness in accomplishing objectives through subordinates while delegating and co-ordinating effectively.
  • Makes a concerted effort to help subordinates grow and take on further responsibilities. Effectively evaluates subordinates’ performance, strengths and development needs. Provides constructive feedback.
  • The Projects Director holds his/her Leads accountable and avoids overprotective behaviour. 
  • Has strong, rich relationships with subordinate staff levels (direct and indirect). Has the respect of subordinate staff levels and shows urgency when dealing with staff issues.