Product Owner

Product/Project management
Cape Town – Western Cape

AN experienced Product Owner with expertise in AWS Cloud technologies is sought by a forward-thinking Software Specialist to assist its Devs, Testers & entire Agile team in the delivery of change to existing software and entirely new Cloud-based products. This may feed into the high-level design of the solutions (particularly where it’s customer impacting), but will include backlog grooming, requirements to user story translation and liaison with both the customer, Product Manager and internal Project Manager. The ideal candidate will have a suitable Bachelor’s Degree in a business, software or related field from an accredited institution with at least 3 years’ experience as a in a similar role – preferably in AWS / Payments. Your tech tools should include Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Windows 10, Windows Server, Java (Spring Framework), Angular2+ (SCSS, TS), HTML+CSS+JS & SQL Server.
  • Help the Development team build products by defining user stories and managing the product backlog that the team can use and lead the requirements aspects of the Scrum process.
  • Where you will also fill the role of a Business Analyst, you will be responsible for maintaining a single source of truth for the business and user requirements of the project.
  • Collect and document clear business and user requirements from either a Product Manager or customer and maintaining these in a single location. This single location may be within a technical requirements document or a page in Confluence or an export of the Jira backlog. This single “source of truth” should be maintained throughout the project, ensuring all stakeholders are aware of any changes.
  • Translate these business requirements / issues into actionable user stories in the product Jira backlog and defining clear, correct acceptance criteria.
  • Work closely with Engineering and Quality Control (QC) teams to ensure the right customer problem is solved through the process.
  • Work with the QC team to ensure all bugs are reported and those agreed are fixed and tested.
  • Have an understanding of the future direction of the product (e.g., security, scalability and robustness) to ensure that they can answer technical questions from the team with respect to the best and necessary way to implement today’s features.
  • Ensure that the Project Manager is aware of any possible deviations to the schedule, budget or scope from their engagement with the team.
  • Prioritise the sets of user stories that have been created to align with what will make sense to deliver first and what the customer will want to see first – thereby ensuring that the Development team is clear on what to work on next. This should be done in consultation with the Product Manager and Project Manager.
  • Work closely with the Development team to plan sprints.
  • Ensure that the structure of the project and development plans facilitates customer testing and feedback cycles as early as possible in the cycle.
  • Perform continuous Jira backlog grooming (has the sole responsibility for this).
  • Attend all Agile meetings run by the team to ensure that the development work is aligned with the roadmap set by the Product Manager or the external customer.
  • Participate in daily Scrum / Stand-up meetings, and Sprint Retrospectives (which are organised and run by the Scrum Master).
  • Within the Sprint Planning meeting, they should have the groomed backlog ready and be able to answer questions about the backlog in order for the team to estimate effectively. They are responsible for finalising the desired goal of the sprint based on the prioritised backlog and discussion with the team in this meeting. Note that this meeting is also organised and run by the Scrum Master.
  • Within the Sprint Review/Demo meeting, although this can be facilitated by the Scrum Master, it is the Product Owner that is responsible for ensuring it happens, inviting the relevant attendees and driving the meeting and content.
  • Be the final say on whether a user story can be set to “Done”.
  • Communicate the voice of the customer (relating to requirements) to the Development team and ensure there always is an up-to-date single reference point for the customer’s requirements – where they fill the role of Business Analyst.
  • Does not typically build a product roadmap that is discrete from the product roadmap set by the Product Manager. But they should work closely with the Product Manager to review the product roadmap and make sure priorities are aligned and that there are no technical limitations or points to consider before committing an item to the roadmap.
Qualifications –
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a business, software or related field from a recognised institution.
Experience/Skills –
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Product Owner or similar role within a software organisation, preferably in AWS / Payments.
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies like Scrum.
  • Experience with Atlassian Jira and Confluence.
  • Proven leadership skills.
  • Excellent analytical abilities and outstanding time management skills.
  • Ability to deal with stress, as the job will entail obstacles, challenges and a lot of responsibility.
  • Proficiency in Cloud technologies and standard Windows-based IT applications.
  • Windows (Windows 10, Windows Server).
  • Java (Spring Framework).
  • Angular2+ (SCSS, TS).
  • Databases (Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Databases).
  • Ability to put yourself in the customer’s place and identify their key needs and pain points.
  • Able to distinguish must-haves from nice-to-haves and having the ability to say no.
  • Have a personality that can resolve conflicts and motivate their team to realize its full potential — without spurring resentment.
  • Can work on multiple projects at one time.
  • Highly communicative and patient, answering all stakeholders’ queries, and being available to the team.
  • Very knowledgeable about the products they are involved in and the product vision.
  • Able to successfully walk the balance between guiding the Technical team with an understanding of why and what they are implementing without trying to dictate exactly how it is implemented.