Outbound Course Advisors / Sales (UK Consumers)

Cape Town – Western Cape

A UK-based Private Tuition Company offering additional support in Maths & English seeks self-driven & customer-centric Outbound Course Advisors/Sales (UK Consumers) with a passion for Education and making a positive difference. The ideal candidate must be ethical & professional, showing a level of empathy to parents expressing concerns over their kids’ education needs as your core role involves promoting tailored home-based educational programmes. You will also need to have an adequate IT proficiency, Outbound Telesales experience – preferably with UK consumers including Zoom presentations and setting up meetings, be committed to appointment times and work to a rigid structure and enjoy engaging with customers. You must have your own mobile phone and PC/Laptop.
  • Attend appointments with families in the home. You will present in a structured manner which will include an assessment of the children, programme selection and finally enrolling the family, including paperwork. It is vital that to protect their relationship with schools, Course Advisors throughout the UK all follow the same procedure/script.
  • Leads are generated from the relationship the organisation has with schools.
  • The Course Advisors job is to ethically and professionally guide some motivated parents through how everything works but also to have the courage and conviction needed to educate those other parents who may only have a vague interest.
  • Outbound Telesales, preferably experience with UK consumers.
  • Proven track record closing deals.
  • Experience with Zoom presentations and setting up meetings with a UK customer base.
  • High level organisational skills.
  • Passion, belief and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to follow instruction and work to a rigid structure.
  • Committed to appointment times.
  • Adaptable to rigid structure.
  • IT capability.
  • Sales skills.
  • Writing skills.
  • Your own mobile phone and PC/Laptop.
  • Ability to connect with people.
  • Professional/Presentable.
  • Focussed/ no excuse mentality.
  • Team player.
  • Driven/hungry.