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New Business Development Assistant/Coordinator

ONE of the country’s leading Managed Service Providers seeks a dynamic & ambitious New Business Development Assistant/Coordinator to join its Joburg team. Working directly with the CEO who currently handles the New Business Development Division, you will help ensure clients are retained by delivering quotes which meet their needs and ensuring successful delivery. The ideal candidate must have 8 years’ experience in a similar role preferably from an IT & Sales background, be fully proficient with Microsoft tools, with technical skills at least a Tier 1 level and strong PR and Communication skills.
  • Get quotes together.
  • Phone suppliers for prices.
  • Look for stock-related to the quote.
  • Be in contact with potential new clients to ensure all their needs are met before the quoting process.
  • Once a project is completed, be responsible for ensuring that the client is retained by making a quarterly call to the client ensuring that they have no issues which needs to be handled. If there are any issues, follow through to get this handled with the Support Desk.
  • Must have at least 8 years’ experience in a similar position, not necessarily New Business Development but definitely IT and Sales.
  • Admin speed and accuracy of the utmost importance. Fully competent in the Microsoft tools.
  • Technical skills must be at least a Tier 1 so is fully familiar with that area.
  • Excellent Communication skills.
  • Excellent PR skills.
  • Must be willing to be trained and mentored.
  • Able to get things done, a problem solver not a problem creator.
  • Career motivated and looking for an exciting future in a new game. 
  • Not phased about keeping lots of actions occurring at the same time.