Junior DevOps Cloud Engineer (Hybrid)

IT – Software Development
Cape Town – Western Cape

Time for your software development skills to change lives!  A Forensic Pathology Service who services 18 forensic pathology facilities across the Western Cape is seeking to employ their next Junior DevOps and Cloud Engineer on a 12 month fixed term contract.  There is a delta between the envisioned operations/cloud environment and what we currently have in place. The successful candidate will be expected to support existing transitions as well as develop new systems. You will have an opportunity to work with (among others):  Azure, Terraform, Git and Azure Devops, Bash, Python and PowerShell.  For this role you must have an electrical, computer science or software engineering degree/qualification and a degree/qualification in a STEM field with a significant programming or IT component.
  • This role involves maintaining, optimising, and deploying to those machines while helping chart the path to running on the PaaS services available on Azure.
  • The role will also involve helping developers with their tooling and testing environments, ensuring deployed applications are well tested and that deployment can be done rapidly and regularly.
  • Successful applicants will have an opportunity to work with (among others):
    • Azure
    • Terraform
    • Git and Azure Devops
    • Bash, Python and Powershell
  • Necessary Qualifications and Experience – One or more of the following:
    • A well-tended, active sharable git repository.
    • A record of significant online coursework.
    • A portfolio of relevant work.
    • 1+ years’ experience in a software development role.
    • 1+ years’ experience in an IT role with a networking, system administration or scripting component.
    • An electrical, computer science or software engineering degree/qualification.
    • A degree/qualification in a STEM field with a significant programming or IT component.
  • Other Advantageous Qualifications, Skills, and Experience
    • Degrees and qualifications in seemingly unrelated fields.
    • Previous careers in other fields.
    • Demonstrable written communication skills.
  • Highly Advantageous Technical Experience – Experience with some of:
    • Git.
    • Linux.
    • Windows (sysadmin/IT work).
    • CI/CD pipelines.
    • Azure, GCP, AWS, Cloudflare, Oracle, etc.
    • Networking.
    • Bash, Python and Powershell.
    • Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible, CloudFormation, Puppet or any other IaC or declarative configuration tooling.
    • Database administration.
    • Infosec best practices.
  • Other Advantageous Technical Experience – Experience with:
    • Various build tools, like (but not specifically) msbuild, webpack, maven, and others of the type.
    • Any other programming languages.
    • Unit and end-to-end testing.
    • SQL and/or NoSQL.
    • Docker/Kubernetes.
  • This position requires someone who is responsive, communicative, diligent, dutiful, responsible, and dogged who:
    • Writes clearly.
    • Unblocks other team members as a priority.
    • Diligently contributes to documentation.
    • Writes unit and end-to-end tests (where required).
    • Addresses requests for help or review quickly and with kindness.
    • Advocates for and teaches best practices and helps ease change.
    • Can pursue a roadmap even in the absence of explicit tasks or tickets or supervision.
    • Appreciates the weight of protecting people’s medical data.