Facilities Supervisor (Cross Border Travel)

Finance/Admin ~ Product/Project management
Cape Town – Western Cape

A strategic thinking & highly methodical Facilities Supervisor is sought by a dynamic provider of innovative Software & Systems Solutions whose core role will entail the general office maintenance of its CPT, PE, Bloemfontein, KZN and NAM offices. You will be expected to ensure daily & monthly building inspections, managing all office stationery and equipment as well as staff and cleaning personnel and travel requirements including, but not limited to, accommodation, flights and car hire for all regions. The suitable candidate will require a relevant Administrative and Management qualification, have 3–5 years’ experience including being computer literate in MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, Tom Tom and possess exceptional administrative and communication skills. Travel including cross-border, will be expected.
Office Support Management –
  • Responsible for the general office maintenance of the CPT, PE, Bloemfontein, KZN and NAM offices.
  • Ensure that defects and faults are attended to as and when they become relevant.
  • Monitor faults to conclusion in conjunction with the Facilities Manager.
  • Ensure a detailed inspection of the building on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Ensure that the office space always meets the standard with constant monitoring for hygiene and appearance.
  • Attend to any complaints from staff regarding the building both from a rented space and common building area, that affects staff.
  • Ensure that the offices are well always maintained and clean as well as ensure that the cleaners are managed to maintain this aspect.
  • Daily walkabouts to ensure that the building is opened and shut down and to note, report or address any aspects noticed.
  • Eliminate and attend to any areas of risk to the office space and related Landlord space that will directly impact on the business and staff.
  • Distribute proper communication to all staff of aspects relevant to office and the building on a regular basis.
  • The alarm and security of the building will lie with the responsibility of the Facilities Manager, any repairs to such needs to be reported.
  • Assist with Social Committee and Client functions were requested to do so.
  • Responsible for the following reconciliations and management for all regions:
    • Office Refreshments
    • Stationery
    • Tablet and Cell phone
  • PRs to be completed accurately.
  • Responsible for issuing stationery to CPT staff as and when required.
  • Responsible for issuing of office requirements to new employees (access tags, alarm codes, if relevant, stationery, ensure workstation is prepared in conjunction, OHS induction is concluded, emergency routes are pointed out, as well as ensuring that staff are familiar with the office set-up together with the rules and regulations of the office.
  • Responsible for the management asset register for the CPT, PE, KZN, Bloem and NAM office. This function includes but not limited to tagging the assets (furniture and equipment) in a sequential manner and updating on a spreadsheet to be distributed to the Finance Department monthly.
  • Ensure that the equipment in all offices is in working order.
  • Monitor all office relevant suppliers whilst onsite to avoid any risk.
  • Monthly device inspections to be submitted by the 7th of every month and reconciled.
  • Liaise with the H & S Officer in CT to ensure that the full implementation for OHS is actioned and maintained.
  • Ensure that the JHB office is advised of the relevant procedures.
Office Admin –
  • Request quotes per request for existing vendors
  • Arrange for the courier to various regions from Centurion.
  • General office assistance.
  • Assist with the arrangement of regional functions.
  • Assist with client meetings.
  • Assist with Social Committee functions.
Staff Management –
  • Management of related staff cleaning/tea ladies in the regions.
  • Management of Office Administrators.
  • Ensure that staff are provided with guidance to compete the tasks that have been allocated to them.
  • Ensure that staff have assistance as and when required.
  • To be the first point of escalation.
  • Ensure that regular meetings are held to ensure that staff are well informed of the company’s development as well as the departmental requirements.
  • Performance appraisals to be conducted bi-annually or as and when required.
  • Identify training requirements for all staff relating to their JD’s.
  • All HR aspects required for your staff are attended to timeously, which will include leave submission and approvals in line with the leave balances, and any other aspect relating to staff.
Travel arrangements for all regions –
  • Arrangement for all travel requirements including, but not limited to, accommodation, flights and car hire for all regions.
  • The travel request template will be provided based on the travel requirements from the relevant persons requiring the travel.
    • Accommodation –
  • Should accommodation be requested, you will be required to arrange accommodation in the region and in accordance with the Finance Policy and Travel Policy
  • The accommodation spreadsheet is to be maintained and updated continuously.
  • The accommodation booking information is to be completed on the travel request and sent back to the person requesting the booking.
  • When an EFT payment is required, the relevant information must be sent to the Creditors Administration for the preparation of the payment requisition.
    • Flights –
  • Should a flight be requested, you will be required to search for flights that meet the requirements specified in the travel request as well as those that are most cost effective.
  • The selection searched must be sent back to the person requesting the flight, who will advise on the most suitable flight option to then be booked accordingly.
  • All flights must be booked using the designated Credit Card provided for travel arrangements.
  • Details of the final booking made must be sent to the person who requested the flight.
    • Car Hire –
  • Should car hire be requested, you will be required to arrange a booking with the current service provider in the region requested.
  • The car rental form for short term rental from Avis is to be completed with all of the necessary details and to be authorised by the Facilities Manager
  • The approved form and relevant details are to be sent to Avis for confirmation of the booking.
  • Details of the confirmed booking made must be sent to the person who requested the car hire.
Cross Border Travel –
  • Arrangement of the necessary cross-border requirements such as vehicle letters, etc.
Recon –
  • Reconciliation of the Credit Card for which travel arrangements are currently being used, to be provided directly to the cardholder before being handed through for normal authorization processes.
Qualifications –
  • Relevant Administrative and Management qualification.
Experience/Skills –
  • 3–5 Years’ experience.
  • Computer Literate in MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, Tom Tom.
  • Administrative and communication skills.
  • Systematic and methodical thinking.
  • Team Player.
  • Effective Communication with Line Managers, Supervisors, Internal and External clients.
  • Reporting skills.
  • Problem solving.
  • Promote good working relations.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Must be honest and trustworthy.
  • Retains cultural awareness, empathy and sensitivity.
  • Self-motivated and confident.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Driver’s License.
*The requirement for Travel on weekends is that you are contactable should the need arise for emergency amendments to bookings due to the nature of business.