DevSecOps Engineer (Digital Pricing and Market Making) (JHB)

Engineering/Technical ~ IT – Infrastructure
Johannesburg – Gauteng

TAKE charge of implementing, maintaining, enabling, optimising and facilitating DevSecOps practices on Digital Pricing and Market Making platforms within Electronic Trading (eTrading) of an innovative Financial Services Institution in Joburg seeking your technical expertise to fill the role of a DevSecOps Engineer. You will manage all aspects of DevSecOps in accordance with best practice where possible, applicable to the aforementioned platforms within eTrading. The successful incumbent will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent discipline, any Certifications in DevSecOps/Financial Markets/Cloud or Agile in addition, will prove beneficial. You should have 2+ years’ experience in a similar role, 3+ years’ as a Software Engineer or Java or Developer in Middleware with strong technical proficiency with Linux, RedHat, shell/bash scripting, Spring Boot, Tomcat, VMware, Docker, Timescale, PostgreSQL, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, ZooKeeper, GIT, Chef & Puppet.
DevOps Practice –
  • Implement and maintain the business infrastructure using DevSecOps practices, including any connectivity requirements.
  • Enable automated build and deployment of bespoke business systems and configurations using scripts.
  • Enable automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Enable automated End-to-end Testing.
  • Enable continuous release processes, practices, and pipelines.
  • Enable Change Management and audit requirements for releases.
  • Debug and optimize code and automate routine tasks as appropriate.
  • Scale systems sustainably through mechanisms such as easy-to-use tooling and automation where possible.
  • Employ principles and practices that helps eTrading secure our software, infrastructure, applications, and data.
  • Practice sustainable incident support and response and drive root cause analysis and reporting.
  • Engage with audit stakeholders and driving any required remediations as appropriate.
Qualifications –
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Engineering (or related).
  • Certifications in DevSecOps (Beneficial).
  • Certifications in Financial Markets, Cloud, Agile (Beneficial).
Experience/Skills –
  • 2+ Years’ experience as a DevSecOps/DevOps Engineer or similar role as an enabler of DevOps practices.
  • 3+ Years’ experience as a Software Engineer or Java or Developer in Middleware.
  • Linux Operating Systems (RedHat) and shell/bash scripting.
  • Application Servers: Spring Boot, Tomcat.
  • Emulators: VMware, Docker.
  • Databases and tools: Timescale, PostgreSQL.
  • Build/Config/Repo: Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, ZooKeeper, GIT, Chef, Puppet.
Advantageous –
  • Experience in working with vendor product.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team.
  • Being able to remain clear headed and work well under pressure.
  • Building and maintain relationships.
  • Have a collaborative mindset.
  • Adopt a broad, long-term perspective.
  • Contribute to the success of the team; co-operate with other employees to improve personal and team performance.
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Solid understanding of applications, domains, toolsets and processes in area of expertise.
  • Ability to make decisions and initiate action.
  • Ability to present and communicate (verbal and written).
  • Ability to work independently as well as produce results as part of a group.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for, a diverse user group.
  • Completer / Finisher.
  • Commitment to operational and service excellence. 
  • Keep abreast of changes and trends in systems and relevant technologies.