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DevOps Engineer (Docker/Kubernetes/Python) (DBN)

JOIN a cutting-edge eHealth company seeking the technical expertise of a self-driven DevOps Engineer who enjoys solving complex problems to join its Durban team. Your core role will be to support local and international Digital Health projects in the Public Health Tech sector, delivering effective health information system and integrated health architectures on several exciting digital and health information systems projects in South Africa and further afield on the African continent. You will also engage with a global set of stakeholders and international communities of practice. The successful candidate should preferably possess a B Degree in Digital Health/Medicine/Public Health/Computer Science or similar discipline, have 5 years’ experience in a similar role with the ability to design and setup Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD & Jenkins) pipelines & deploy multiple technology stack solutions to cloud and on-premise environments. You should also be proficient with Docker, Kubernetes, Python, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana, Azure, Chef, Puppet, Git, Ansible, EC2, CloudWatch and previous experience working with electronic health record systems.
  • Manage infrastructure which includes setup, monitoring and alerts, resource allocation, and deployment architecture using a wide range of AWS cloud; GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Azure technologies.
  • Implement and manage network/routing setup as well as integration into external systems
  • Implementation and automation of runtime environments for software in support of Engineering development processes.
  • Drive virtualization technologies with continuous deployment and elastic scalability in mind.
  • Manage system security and backup strategies across a wide variety of technologies and products.
Qualifications –
  • Relevant Bachelor’s Degree/tertiary level training and knowledge of Digital Health, Medicine, Public Health, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related fields is preferred.
Experience/Skills –
  • 5 Years’ experience in a relevant similar position, working with highly skilled professionals and/or managers in health information systems, with cross-cultural experience.
  • Database Administration. You will work with MongoDB, PostgreSQL & MySQL.
  • Ability to code and script.
  • Experience with monitoring tools e.g., Nagios, Prometheus & Grafana.
  • Google Cloud Platform and Azure technologies (Compute, Storage, network & monitoring).
  • Able to design and setup Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD & Jenkins) pipelines.
  • Experience of *nix based systems and tools in order to administrate, manage and monitor
  • Configuration Management (Chef, Puppet, git, Ansible).
  • With specific AWS cloud technologies (EC2, ECS, Route53, ELB, EBS, VPC, S3, CloudWatch).
  • Virtualization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) pipelines.
  • Deploying multiple technology stack solutions to cloud and on-premise environments.
  • Experience in Public Health sector.
  • Previous work with electronic health record systems.
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Self-motivated and problem-solving; including the ability to innovate and contribute to the ICT team.
  • Collaborative People Management skills, including the ability to develop and manage relationships across geographically dispersed teams of technical and programme management professionals.
  • Excellent English language proficiency.