Research & Development Engineer (Junior – Senior) (On-Site)

IT – Software Development
Johannesburg – Gauteng

A dynamic Joburg manufacturer of a comprehensive range of electronics seeks a Development Engineer (Light Current) to join their team to take instruction from the R&D M. and MD regarding work that needs to be completed, including experiments, tests or other physical and/or computer simulations of electronic and/or systems, and production of reports for activities undertaken for the company.
  • Receive instructions from the R&D Manager and Managing Director regarding tasks to be completed, which may include:
  • Conducting experiments, tests, and simulations of electronic and/or systems using provided tools, equipment, and time to determine outcomes.
  • Creating reports on activities undertaken by the company, using data, personnel, and storage systems available.
  • Keep the R&D Manager informed of the status of all assigned tasks and activities at reasonable intervals.
  • Document all tests taken in a way that can be easily accessed by other company staff members.
  • Use Design SparkPCB software to generate schematics and PCBs when necessary.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation such as reports, studies, quality assurance documents, procedures, bill of materials (BOM), master files, and technical construction files.
  • Source and order components for company projects.
  • Ensure that all produced documents are stored in their correct locations on the company’s internal network server.
  • Respond promptly to instructions and requests for information sent via email or phone from company employees and management.
  • Write embedded and computer code in known languages (e.g., Embedded C, Linux, node.js, react) for tasks as instructed by the R&D Manager and Managing Director.
  • Use mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) packages to create technical drawings when instructed to do so.
  • Diagnose, debug, and interact with blast control systems in the field as much as possible, given current training level.
  • Assist the R&D team in executing projects and interact with company employees when requested by the R&D Manager and Managing Director.
  • Inspect and evaluate PCB and schematic designs created by other R&D team members for quality control purposes.
  • Help maintain the company’s telecommunications and network infrastructure as much as possible.
  • Identify areas where systems can be improved and suggest observations and recommendations to responsible management personnel.
  • Request details from QA and R&D regarding changes made to production processes and designs and compile a changelog for the changes where appropriate.
  • Facilitate R&D team meetings as required by the Managing Director to transfer information regarding R&D team projects and activities.
  • Knowledge of Embedded C, Linux, node.js, react, Design SparkPCB software.
  • Knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) packages.