Dell Storage Engineer (JHB)

IT – Support
Johannesburg – Gauteng

BE responsible to install, monitor, test and maintain cloud and on-premise infrastructure solutions as the next Dell Storage Engineer sought by a dynamic ICT Specialist to join its Joburg team. You will also provide specialised technical support and guidance through high level analysis, diagnosis and problem solving. This includes qualifying the product fit, installation, implementation of IT systems, defining and implementing / carrying out support needs to the client. The ideal candidate must have Matric/Grade 12, OEM (Dell) Accreditation in Storage and Back-up Certifications such as Dell Technologies Certified: ISM Version 5 (Associate Level) or Dell Unity (Expert Level). You will also need 3–5 years’ work experience and professional knowledge in Storage and Storage Management tools with strong analytical and conceptualization skills having the ability to "join the dots" and communicate this at multiple levels.
  • Responsible for installations, maintenance, corrective maintenance, monitoring the environment, testing, temporary resolutions managing tickets from end-to-end.
  • May be required to travel to the associated provinces when required.
  • Attend meetings with the client and other stakeholders.
  • Responsible for drawings, documentation, change requests, quality control and planning prior to the commencement of any works.
  • To be primarily utilised within the operational environment and may be used within the project environment.
  • Will be required to be on Standby.
Support Services –
  • Support the in-scope operating system, system management software and operating system utilities, including minor upgrades (such as a release upgrade).
  • Manage the operating system configuration including initial configuration, modifying configuration files, system configuration documentation and access to system configuration files.
  • Monitor and reduce operating system log files to prevent file systems from overfilling.
  • Manage Operating System Processes (e.g., investigate continuously running system subtasks, or daemons) including refreshing processes as required, establishing start-up sequences, maintaining system clock synchronization, and changing process priorities as appropriate.
  • Recommend operating system updates and configuration modification to the client’s IT Infrastructure Engineer, as required.
  • Apply operating system patch updates, as required.
  • Maintain tools for remote management and alert monitoring.
  • Maintain operational support procedures.
  • Maintain the hardware and software configuration information.
  • Evaluate planned changes to the server environment and advise of any requirements to support such changes.
  • Adhere to standard security processes and procedures.
  • Provide health check and trending reports that include best practices as prescribed by the OEM.
Performance Management –
  • Manage incidents, problems, changes and other service requests pertaining to hardware, software and monitoring.
  • Manage thresholds and alerts for usage of IT resources.
  • Analyse performance service level breaches, alerts, trends and root causes to restore service.
  • Track and tune proactively performance through trend and exception reporting to avoid possible service level breaches.
  • Tune reactively to restore service for performance incidents and root causes.
  • Provide corrective action to resolve system performance problems and provide recommendations to prevent possible future incidents.
  • Recommend changes to maintain agreed upon system performance levels.
  • Implement after hours’ changes as approved through a formal Change Management process.
  • Define performance related metrics and data collection, summarization, and usage requirements.
  • Collect, summarize and store performance data (Standard Performance Data Management).
  • Define performance alert thresholds to support agreed upon service levels.
  • Provide Standard Performance Reporting.
  • Provide Ad hoc Performance Reporting for analysis of incidents to restore service.
Qualifications –
  • Grade 12.
  • OEM (Dell) Accreditation in Storage and Back-up:
    • Dell Technologies Certified: ISM Version 5 (Associate Level).
    • Dell Unity (Expert Level).
Experience –
  • 3 – 5 Years’ experience and professional knowledge in Storage and Storage Management tools.
  • Work effectively within local and distributed teams.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with ability to coordinate work activities with remote teams.
  • Strong analytical and conceptualization skills (e.g., the ability to "join the dots", and communicate this at multiple levels).
  • Excellent planning, interpersonal, problem solving, leadership skills are required.