Database Administrator (Centurion)

IT – Support
Pretoria/Centurion – Gauteng

A strong technical & ambitious Database Administrator is sought by a dynamic Financial Security Regulator to conduct day-to-day database operation of the organization, ensuring its compliance with relevant regulations, and optimising it for better performance. You will install database management systems, write T-SQL queries to support business operations, implement defined database security controls while also maintaining existing technical documentation. The ideal candidate must possess a suitable IT related Degree or relevant NQF Level 7 equivalent tertiary qualification with 3 years’ work experience in the following: User Support.; Database Installations, configurations and maintenance; Backup and Recovery; Database programming and performance optimization & Database Security. You must also have T-SQL skills, Project Management and knowledge of applicable standards and data laws and regulations & Data Governance.
  • User Support – Provide support to users who may encounter issues emanating from the database.
  • Database installations, configurations and maintenance – Install database management systems and configure databases as per the design.
  • Backup and Recovery – Implement defined backup and recovery plans to ensure that the databases and systems can be recovered quickly in the event of disaster or disruptions.
  • Database Programming – Write T-SQL queries to support business operations.
  • Database Performance Optimisation – Ensure optimisation of database performance and maintain high level of availability ensuring the systems are accessible to the users when required.
  • Database Security – Implement defined database security controls, security policies and procedures.
  • Data Migration – Migrate data between different data sources and ensure data quality, integrity and curated data are implemented successfully.
  • Capacity Planning – Provide input into planning for future growth to meet increasing demands.
  • Technical Writing – Maintain existing technical documentation and related technical specifications. Provide input into the policies, procedures, etc.
  • Compliance and Regulations – Ensure compliance with the policies, processes, procedures and applicable standards and data laws and regulations (e.g., POPIA).
  • Data Governance – Understand data governance principles and concepts.
  • Project Management – Adherence to Project Management standards and techniques.
  • Data Lake Administration – Administer the Data Lake platform.
  • Cloud Database Administration – Administer cloud-based database management system.
Qualifications –
  • A relevant Degree in Information Technology or a relevant NQF Level 7 equivalent qualification.
Experience/Skills –
Minimum of 3 Years experience:
  • User Support.
  • Database Installations, configurations and maintenance.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • Database programming and performance optimisation.
  • Database Security.
Minimum of 1 Year experience:
  • Data Migration.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Technical Writing.
Other –
  • Proficient in writing T-SQL queries.
  • Compliance and Regulations – Knowledge of applicable standards and data laws and regulations (e.g., POPIA).
  • Data Governance – Knowledge of data governance principles and concepts.
  • Project Management – Knowledge of Project Management concepts, techniques and principles.
Advantageous –
  • Data Lake Administration – Knowledge of administering the Data Lake platform.
  • Cloud Database Administration – Experience in administering cloud-based database management system.
Customer Service: Takes personal responsibility for correcting customer service problems.
Flexibility: Changes perception, ideas or alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get a job done and/or meet company goals.
Impact and Influence: Takes two or more steps to persuade without trying to adapt specifically to level or interest of audience.
Organisational Commitment: Respects and accepts what authorities see as important.
Commitment to professional learning: Seeks out new approaches, tools, methods and/or technologies in own field of expertise by reading, talking to others inside and outside organisation, attending industry seminars/conferences.
Teamwork: Genuinely values others input and expertise.
Conceptual Thinking: Uses knowledge of theory or of different past situations to look at current stations.
Achievement Orientation: Keeps track of and measures outcome against standard of excellence not imposed by others.
Initiative: Demonstrates the ability to anticipate and proactively manage all the variables involved, to ensure that critical opportunities for the Centre are not missed.