Credit and Market Risk Manager (JHB)

Finance/Admin ~ IT – Analyst, Data Management
Johannesburg – Gauteng

MONITOR Counterparty Credit and Market Risks across all Business pillars and to ensure that risk is maintained at appropriate levels as the next Credit and Market Risk Manager sought by a reputable Financial Services Group. The role will include collecting and interrogating information and feedback to ensure full understanding of customer needs to deliver a quality service, Relationship Management, processing & analysing ETLs and VAR metrics while updating collateral reports per client and provide feedback to the Ops team. The successful incumbent must possess an Honours/Bachelor’s Degree in Pure or Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science or equivalent with 3-5 Years’ experience in a similar environment, of which 1 to 2 years ideally at junior or entry level management and a solid understanding of the Financial Markets products.
Customer Experience and Satisfaction –
  • Deliver customer experience excellence aligned to Organisational values and service standards.
  • Build professional long-term relationships with customers based on trust that builds the brand.
  • Collect and interrogate information and feedback to ensure full understanding of customer needs to deliver a quality service.
  • Deliver service that exceeds customer expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate solution selection and application.
  • Provide customers with relevant information to keep them informed of products and service options.
Relationship Management –
  • Build relationships that allow for the managing of expectations; the sharing of knowledge and diverse insights; and the creation of buy-in
  • Engage in cross-functional relationships to obtain and to provide work support.
  • Build close relationship with the Heads of Risk.
  • Required to have a relationship with business but critical to retain independence as Risk.
Credit and Market Risk Analysis –
  • Process and analyse daily ETLs and VAR metrics from Murex.
  • Process risk reports from various trading systems, consolidate and publish to a client portal.
  • Update collateral reports per client and provide feedback to the Operations team.
  • Assess reasonability of risk numbers and investigate where there are issues.
  • Disseminate risk report to clients and monitor exposures to ensure that the organisation is within an acceptable risk appetite at a counterparty and portfolio level.
  • Process pre-trade risk calculations to assess portfolio risk impacts.
  • Escalate breaches and heightened risk in line with Markets escalation policy as the 2nd line of defense is critical.
  • Perform ad-hoc analyses of the risk portfolio by sourcing required information from risk systems.
  • Conduct the necessary research for reporting and distribute findings to the relevant Business Unit and Risk Heads.
  • Undertake risk reporting to various Risk Committees on a consolidated counterparty credit risk profile.
Credit and Risk Management Expertise –
  • Monitor market and liquidity risk compliance with mandates, deal agreements, policies, processes and procedures, in relation to investment risk.
  • Monitor and report portfolio Investment Risk periodically (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually).
  • Review risk reports compiled by the Market Risk Analysts.
  • Report periodically to various committees within the corporation.
  • Responsible for ensuring the corporation’s policies, procedures, guidelines for market risk are reviewed periodically, ensuring that they remain relevant to the environment and aligned to best practice.
  • Oversight of investment risk systems, ensuring the corporation adopts best practice solutions to manage market risk.
  • Valuation of financial instruments and derivatives.
  • Oversight of market data and instruments pricing.
  • Formulate and manage the department budget.
  • Periodic portfolio analysis (including stress-testing, and scenario analysis) as required.
  • Responsible for ensuring internal controls for Market Risk department remain robust and introduce and implement additional controls where required.
  • Represent the Risk department in various committees and in client engagement meetings.
Reporting –
  • Improve business decisions by providing accurate and reliable business intelligence (information) together with analysing trends and data.
  • Provide regular reports on delivery of services against agreed service level agreements and in terms of overall customer targets.
  • Accumulate information to review work progress that provides input to reporting, decision making and the identification of improvement opportunities.
Personal Development –
  • Assess own performance against competencies and skills required delivery.
  • Identify development needs and select effective solutions to address own development need.
  • Prepare a personal development plan with management to implement and review as required.
  • Monitor own progress against development plan and measure impact of results.
Employee networking and collaboration –
  • Participate and contribute to a development culture where information regarding successes, issues, trends and ideas are actively shared.
  • Build and sustain collaborative working relationships with relevant peers and stakeholders to achieve productivity synergies.
  • Participate in specialist communities of practice and contribute positively to own and organisational knowledge improvement.
Qualifications –
  • Honours OR Bachelor’s Degree in Pure or Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science or relevant equivalent.
Experience/Skills –
  • 3-5 Years’ experience in a similar environment, of which 1 to 2 years ideally at junior or entry level management.
  • Programming using SQL/VBA/Python/R – advantageous.
  • Understanding of the Financial Markets products.
  • Needs to be a self-starter and take initiative and ownership of the risk area.
  • The ability to make firm (and sometimes difficult) decisions fairly and compassionately based on relevant facts and logical thinking.
  • Able to be systematic and rule oriented in gathering, reviewing, evaluating and visualising data from a variety of perspectives; includes the ability to work with precision and highlight inconsistencies and inaccuracies in detailed information.
  • Cuts to the core of issues and applies effective analysis, logic and creativity to implement solutions.
  • The capacity to listen attentively, present information clearly and concisely and respond appropriately to the verbal and written communication of others. This includes the ability to regulate delivery in response to the needs of a target audience.
  • Makes firm and, if necessary, swift decisions, sometimes with limited information; assesses risk and takes accountability for the resulting action.
  • Upholds social, ethical and organisational values, firmly adhering to regulation, codes of conduct and ethical principles.
  • Reasons with numbers and other mathematical and computational concepts, and presents numerical data in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.
  • Utilises relevant economic, financial and industry data to assess business performance and make recommendations to ensure growth, viability and competitive advantage within sensible risk parameters. 
  • Plans and manages own output, anticipating obstacles, priorities and follows through on objectives within agreed timeframes.