Credit Analyst (JHB)

IT – Analyst, Data Management
Johannesburg – Gauteng

THE expertise of a Credit Analyst is sought by a renowned Financial Services Group to assess, review and monitor counterparty credit risk in alignment with the relevant credit risk management frameworks to enable risk mitigation. You will lead and manage a sector team to ensure that credit risk tactics align to risk management frameworks to contribute to portfolio growth, sustainability, and compliance. You will require an Honours Degree (Accounts III) (note was Degree), a CA/CFA. Would be preferred. You must also have in depth experience in the following: Accounting principles/financial statements, Quantitative and analytical methodologies, Economics & preferably Risk Management methodologies, tools, governance structures and regulatory requirements and Product knowledge.
Macro – Environment –
  • Understand and keep abreast of the critical key macro environmental impacts and inter-relationships e.g., jurisdictional compliance, sector developments, regulations, financial markets, country risk to analyse and identify counterparty and deal risk profile and mitigation opportunities and threats.
  • Understand the critical micro-environmental impacts and relationships e.g., company performance trends, financial data, debt profile, gearing, projected cash flows, operations to identify and apply risk management mitigation tactics.
Business Alignment –
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the business – understand business fundamentals and is aware of key cost and revenue drivers in the Corporate and Investment Banking market.
  • Understand the range of product and service offerings provided by the Business Units, understand product differentiators, as well as key revenue generators to ensure that service to business is bespoke and relevant to the context.
  • Establish and service relationships with business partners to improve the effective and efficient execution of credit objectives in line with business requirements.
Data Analytics –
  • Rely on relevant data to build risk models that are integrated and future focused in order to establish the objective value of counterparty and sector risk profiling.
Credit Review and Analysis –
  • Prepare new and annual credit reviews/ ratings and deal transactions for assigned counterparties and monitor assigned counterparty risk and the associated facilities. This may include:
    • Client engagement, application of models and templates, analysis of macro and micro factors to determine the counterparty probability of default.
    • Perform financial analysis of the counterparty financial statements and make an assessment and conclude on the borrower risk including gearing, capitalisation of the balance sheet and quality of assets.
    • Perform collateral analysis and recommend loss given defaults (LGDs) using the appropriate frameworks.
    • Monitor and action compliance to approved facilities i.e., covenants, excess.
  • Partner with the relevant Review Analyst/Team Lead for counterparty reviews, risk exceptions and approvals of annual credit reviews. This includes preparation and presentation to relevant forums and committees for decision-making e.g., Credit Committees, Credit Forums and Deal Conclusion Forums.
  • Update relevant credit systems with covenants and other monitoring requirements and exception reports.
Evaluation –
  • Assess effectiveness of counterparty credit tactics and stakeholder engagement by measuring changes in client satisfaction (business) and other quality indicators e.g., submissions, deadlines met, time taken to process new requests.
Coaching and Review –
  • Support and enable colleague induction and performance by ensuring an environment of knowledge-sharing, feedback and inclusion.
Qualifications –
  • Honours Degree (Accounts III) (note was Degree).
  • CA/CFA. (Preferred)
In depth understanding and application of –
  • Accounting principles/financial statements.
  • Quantitative and analytical methodologies.
  • Economics.
  • Risk Management methodologies, tools, governance structures and regulatory requirements (preferable).
  • Product knowledge (preferable).
Analysis and Attention to Detail – ability to be systematic and rule orientated in gathering, reviewing and evaluating data from a variety of perspectives; includes the ability to work with precision and highlight inconsistencies and inaccuracies in detailed information.
Problem Solving – cuts to the core of issues and applies effective analysis, logic and creativity to identify and implement solutions.
Teamwork – capacity to work co-operatively with others to achieve shared goals.
Excellence/Quality Orientation – motivated to ensure the highest standards of quality and productivity are consistently maintained.
Assertiveness- able to hold one’s own in the face of opposition and exert influence calmly, firmly and fairly.
Influencing and Impact (incl. Negotiation) – capacity to create appropriate levels of impact by using verbal and non-verbal communication skills to influence and/or negotiate win-win agreements to proposals, plans or ideas.
Verbal and Written Communication – capacity to use appropriate presentation and facilitation techniques to engage an audience and help them to understand, retain and respond appropriately to the message.
Customer Service Orientation – anticipates, recognizes and meets the needs of internal and external clients or customers (however these are defined in the role), taking responsibility for maintaining the highest service standards and developing and sustaining productive client relationships.