Counterparty Credit Risk Analyst (JHB)

Johannesburg – Gauteng

ENSURE sustainable & effective decision making as you participate in the framing of the long-term strategic vision regarding the landscape of credit, counterparty and market risks as the next Counterparty Credit Risk Analyst sought by a renowned Financial Services Group. The decisions will be around metrics, systems, tools, methodologies, and regulation) with the core purpose of reviewing and promoting the overall efficiency and consistency of the framework concerning risk processes and approaches across credit, counterparty, market, liquidity and financing domains, and ensuring adequate handling of necessary specificities within the domains; for example, adequate tailoring for different categories of clients from Corporates to Financial Institutions. You will require a Post-grad/Honours Degree in Quantitative Finance with 3-5 years’ work experience in a similar role of which 1-2 years must ideally have been at a Junior Specialist level.
Qualifications –
  • Post Graduate qualification or Honours Degree in Quantitative Finance.
Experience/Skills –
  • 3 – 5 Years experience in a similar environment, of which 1 – 2 years ideally at a Junior Specialist level.
Relationship Management – Build working relationships across teams and functional lines to enhance work delivery, collaboration and innovation.
Cognitive | Analytical Thinking | Service – The ability to be systematic and rule oriented in gathering, reviewing, evaluating and visualising data from a variety of perspectives; includes the ability to work with precision.
Cognitive | Judgement and Decision-Making | Service – The ability to make firm (and sometimes difficult) decisions fairly and compassionately based on relevant facts and logical thinking.
Communication | Conflict Management | Service – Facilitates conflict resolution and allow for maximum understanding between different parties and points of view.
Communication | Influence and Impact | Service – Creates impact and influences others to support an idea, concept or direction through being credible, trusted and authentic.
Functional | Planning and Organising | Service – Defines tasks needed to accomplish goals and assigns and coordinates people, tasks and resources accordingly.
Interpersonal | Building Relationships | Service – In the business of being human, builds sound relationships based on trust and openness.
Intrapersonal | Assertiveness | Service – Able to hold one’s own in the face of opposition and exert influence calmly, firmly and fairly.
Intrapersonal | Drive and Results Orientation | Service – Is a self-starter who produces consistently high-quality outputs within agreed deadlines. Prompt and proactive in driving for results and sets challenging goals for
self and others.
Intrapersonal | Flexibility | Service – Adapts to change and new ideas and embraces evolving environments.
Intrapersonal | Resilience and Stress Management | Service – Remains level-headed in situations of stress or pressure and persists in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks.