Cloud Engineer (Python)

IT – Analyst, Data Management
Stellenbosch – Western Cape

A full-service digital agency based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Reading, UK and The Hague Netherlands who strategizes, designs, and develops digital solutions for the private and public sectors is looking to employ a Cloud Engineer.  You will work with high profile clients and manage challenging impactful projects, as well as the opportunity to work within multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. The successful candidate will have strong experience with a cloud infrastructure provider (i.e., AWS or Azure), and experience with scripting (Python and Bash) and writing configuration markup.
Your day-to-day experience will be:
  • Structuring IaC projects to deliver reusable modules to multiple tenants.
  • Supporting the engineering team in developing, deploying, and maintaining the service.
  • Creating and maintaining CI/CD pipelines using various vendor platforms and services.
  • Using metric & alerting tools to monitor infrastructure and proactively detect issues.
  • Providing well-formulated documentation for technical processes & project propositions.
What is expected of you:
  • Seek out new technologies and approaches within the company’s projects, working to implement them with customers as appropriate.
  • Show empathy towards your colleagues and be generous with teaching & knowledge sharing.
  • Be able to switch between cloud providers.
  • Be agile, make bets and move quickly.
  • Assumptions are tested early on, and you will be empowered to make those decisions.
  • Challenge your skills and be proactive about learning new things – there’s so much more to explore!
  • Strong experience with a cloud infrastructure provider (i.e., AWS or Azure).
  • Experience with IaC tools – the company uses Terraform and Terragrunt.
  • Experience with container orchestration – Docker.
  • Strong stakeholder management experience.
  • Understanding of monolithic, microservice & serverless architectures.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to apply a methodical approach to fixing issues.
  • Ability to competently use terminals.
  • Experience with scripting (Python and Bash) and writing configuration markup.
  • Experience with integrating monitoring tools in the CI/CD pipeline.
Nice to Have:
  • Industry qualifications, certifications, or a degree.
  • Experience across multiple cloud infrastructure providers.
  • Engineering background.
  • Appreciation of infrastructure security concepts.
  • More extensive programming experience.
  • Understanding of RESTful or GraphQL APIs.
  • Understanding of gRPC and synchronous messaging protocols.
  • Understanding of asynchronous messaging.
  • Problems solving.
  • Teamwork and company culture are crucial. 
  • Communicating transparently in the open.