CargoWise Application Developer (JHB)

IT – Software Development
Johannesburg – Gauteng

INCREASE efficiency and accuracy of data while training staff & ensuring the optimal utilisation of the CargoWise application as the next CargoWise Application Developer sought by a leading provider of Logistics Solutions to join its Joburg team. You will also be expected to ensure real-time and improved visibility for customers, reduced risk, by way of system development, processes and procedures, automation while also reducing costs and ensuring maximum usage of the CargoWise system functionalities. The successful incumbent must be CargoWise One Certified, have worked as a Wise Service provider (preferably Platinum) with a minimum of 2 years being beneficial, have worked operationally in the Freight Forwarding industry (Min 5-years), must be proficient in Excel (Intermediate to Advanced level) and familiar with general Accounting practices. Any SQL, Power BI, Qlik Sense & exposure to WMS system and Warehousing practices will be a bonus.
Support/Training –
  • Support internal and external users, assist with software training.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot reported problems or initiate service request for escalation (internally and with external service providers).
  • Create and update new and existing reference materials for all user guides and help documents to staff / clients.
  • Interact with various operational teams to monitor what program functionalities are not being used, that should be used to ensure improved accuracy and productivity.
  • Assist with or drive the implementation of dashboards to improve visibility and improved control.
  • Ensure staff are aware of new functionalities being released and are trained to make maximum use of it.
Testing/Product Development –
  • Work within the test environment to perform testing on all program changes (new releases) to ensure complete compliance.
  • Document any discrepancies and escalate.
  • Confer with supervisor and representatives of departments concerned with operations to resolve questions of integration, program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.
Other –
  • Develop Exco/Manco vision, Implement, Train, Support, Audit, Stress Test, Interrogate, Report, and further develop CargoWise system, from CRM to Accounting and all the operations in-between.
  • Constantly analyse and report on development opportunities.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot reported problems and/or identified issues, initiate service request for escalation (internally or with external service providers).
  • Manage 3rd party suppliers, outsourced development projects, manage outcomes.
  • Verify and approve CargoWise monthly and/or ad hoc billing.
  • Operationally audit and report re Manco deployment and usage behaviour.
  • Test and/or overcome system glitches.
  • Adapt system, generate shortcuts, or implement automation to create time efficiencies without the loss of critical and/or accurate and/or on-time data.
  • Lead integration with local and global partners and customers, related contracts, risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Improvement of real time data which may include data collection by way of robotics.
  • Generate documented processes and procedures to support conformity and compliance.
  • Develop (3rd party supply) and integrate live e-pod system, deploy throughout and 3rd party transporters for live POD visibility.
  • Develop and schedule specific business reports as and when required based on specifications.
  • Lead the journey to improved customer experience via real time visibility of tracking and logistics data via web tracker.
  • CargoWise One Certified.
  • Worked as a Wise Service provider (preferably Platinum) and advantage (Min 2-years).
  • Worked operationally in the Freight Forwarding industry (Min 5-years).
  • Must be proficient in Excel (Intermediate to Advanced level).
  • Familiar with general Accounting practices.
Advantageous –
  • Familiar with WMS system and Warehousing practices.
  • Woking knowledge of SQL database architecture.
  • Knowledge of Power BI, Qlik Sense application.
  • Must be self-motivated team player, who is detail oriented, thrives on challenges, is great at multitasking, prioritisation and can work independently to meet deadlines, or in a team.
  • Must have a strong problem-solving aptitude; be resourceful, have ability to collect facts and make independent decisions supporting development in creative ways including stress-testing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with both technical and non-technical personnel.