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Business Process Analyst

Cape Town – Western Cape

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Business Process Analyst to become an integral part of the Business Process and Improvements portfolio for our client. The ideal candidate will be a process-first individual with a strong analytical mindset, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to drive business initiatives forward. The mission for this role is to facilitate informed decision-making, drive process improvements, and optimize processes that are simple, smart, time-efficient, cost-effective, repeatable, and reliable, thereby empowering the organization to achieve strategic objectives and sustain a competitive advantage. This position is expected to ensure close alignment between processes and system features, enabling manufacturing to benefit from industry best practices.
  • Ensure efficient processes are followed, and close conformance between processes and system features are maintained
  • Analyse the current operational setup, and suggest process related improvements to ensure lean practices and increase productivity
  • Proactively identify business capability and IT service gaps and contribute to improvement efforts.
  • Oversee the gathering, analysis, documentation, and validation of business requirements for projects and initiatives, ensuring they are clear, complete, and aligned with business objectives.
  • Develop deep knowledge of the business and build both horizontal and vertical relationships with business and IT leaders that deliver business impact.
  • Act as a technology advisor to the business and a champion for identifying, leading and driving information technology transformation.
  • Ensure that business’s strategy and key performance indicators are identified and leveraged for effective IT demand shaping.
  • Partner with business unit or function leaders on pre-project ideation.
  • Partner with business and IT leaders to evaluate proposals, build business cases, and plan new joint initiatives, and determine how they fit into business capability roadmaps and priorities.
  • Ensure delivery of new technology solutions and capabilities in accordance with the roadmap and ensure that they meet established objectives and expectations of business partners.
  • Share ownership of the business value results of technology related projects; measure and communicate business value results on a regular basis.
  • Bring outside-in or fresh perspectives into the organization by routinely meeting with end customers/consumers, industry peers, and other external sources.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in value optimization, IT performance, and business processes where applicable.
  • Advocate for and advance business partners’ knowledge of IT processes, frameworks, roles, and capabilities.
Formal Education & Certification:
  • Undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, or a related field.
  • An advanced degree is preferred.
Knowledge & Experience:
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience working in either manufacturing or consulting sector.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in the area of process improvement and facilitating the development and implementation of business initiatives and projects based on organizational objectives.
  • A track record of creating technology solutions to solve business problems (globally, or across multiple divisions or regions within a single company).
  • Strong collaboration, teamwork and relationship building skills across multiple levels and functions in the organization.
  • Ability to listen, build rapport, and credibility as a strategic partner vertically within the business unit or function, as well as with leadership and functional teams.
  • A strategic thinker focused on business value results that utilize technical solutions.
  • Ability to set expectations with business partners and effectively leverage governance for a positive business partner experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with and influence C-level executives to drive business value.
  • Exceptional ability to lead change using positive and collaborative methods.
  • Skilled at conflict resolution and problem-solving to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Diplomacy: able to influence and motivate others using personal rather than positional power.
  • Strong communication skills in writing, speaking, and presenting.
  • An exceptional listener, able to comprehend what is said and probe for important details.
  • Able to communicate technical or complex subject matter in business terms. 
  • An outside-in focus: outstanding end-customer relationship skills. 

+ 27 (0) 21 741 0400