Analyst Programmer II (SQL/UNIX)

IT – Software Development
Cape Town – Western Cape

Analyse user requirements, design, implement and support less complex technical systems as the next Analyst Programmer II of a reputable Retail Group seeking your technical expertise. Your role will require you to perform analysis, technical design, and development aligned to team processes and requirements. As well as this, you will need to maintain and support existing systems, and ensure effective operations. The ideal candidate must have a relevant 3-year diploma, 3+ years’ programming experience, experience with SQL and Unix scripting, and exposure to Scheduling tools.
  • Analysis, technical design and development aligned to team processes & requirements
    • Develop technical specifications from systems specifications.
    • Design and code programs of greater complexity and size from technical specifications.
  • Maintain and support existing systems
    • Interpret user requirements and translate into systems design.
    • Investigate and solve systems issues.
    • Maintaining and managing existing software applications
    • Ensure systems documentation is kept up to date.
  • Ensure effective operations
    • Implement approved changes as per change control and security process
    • Plan, organise and control own work effort, including regular progress feedback to own and other relevant areas
    • Interfacing with end users to obtain needs
    • Provide business support on applications in application portfolio
  • 3-year IT Diploma
  • Analytical thinking, development and communication skills
  • Relevant business process context knowledge
  • 3 -5 years programming/analyst programming experience
  • SQL experience and Unix scripting
  • Exposure to JDA applications and Cloud Computing will be beneficial
  • Exposure to Scheduling tools
  • Oracle Apex development experience preferred
  • Knowledge of retail IT landscape, including systemic understanding of key business linkages and dependencies
  • Ability to research technology-related concepts, trends and best practices, and apply findings
  • Looks beyond symptoms to uncover root causes of problems to be solved
  • Presents problem analysis and a recommended solution rather than just identifying and describing the problem itself
  • Proactively approaches others to obtain missing information
  • Demonstrates a results-oriented mindset in planning and implementing activities/projects
  • Plans with a realistic sense of the time and resource demands involved, maintaining awareness of the interrelationships between own and other activities/project
  • Monitors and tracks progress to ensure delivery of all planned commitments, and keeps the appropriate people informed
  • Listens attentively and checks understanding of the message being received.
  • Prepares clear, well-structured presentations using a variety of tools and techniques.
  • Discusses issues and exchanges information with partners to identify areas of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Convinces others by identifying benefits for all; looks for ways to increase the value of the partnership for all parties.
  • Anticipates change and continuously remains prepared for change
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness in acquiring necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to adapt to change