Admin Manager (JHB Hybrid)

Johannesburg – Gauteng

TAKE charge of office facilities and services, providers & suppliers, vehicles, and associated budgets, finances, and assets in ways that create conditions for staff to work productively in hybrid arrangement as the next Admin Manager sought by a Community Upliftment Programme situated in Joburg. Strong candidates should have a track record of relevant and growing responsibility; strong Project Management skills; the ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment; and curiosity. You must also possess a suitable Degree, have at least 5 years’ experience as an Administration Manager, large- or multi-office Manager, or similar — or other relevant experience including managing budgets and service providers including experience with facilities management. Any experience in procuring (incl. negotiating with) service providers and suppliers will prove beneficial.
Manage facilities and services
For smooth setup and sustained functioning (incl. troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and upgrading) of appropriate –
  • Physical space (rented), comprising office space (incl. use of group work and/or meeting areas), parking space, open space, and grounds (incl. gardens etc.).
  • Electricity backup supply (presently mains-powered inverter & batteries; potentially solar).
  • Supplies (stationery and other consumables).
  • Catering (services) as and when appropriate.
  • Cleaning services as and when appropriate.
  • Security equipment (e.g., camera systems) and services (e.g., armed response).
  • IT facilities, services, and equipment provided by the Hub IT Dept as follows:
    • Office internet access, document suite (Office 365), phone system (Euphoria: cloud based PABX), communications & video conferencing (Zoom), etc.
    • Shared IT equipment, incl. video conferencing and printing facilities and/or services.
    • Laptops, associated peripherals, and related equipment, informed by recruiting forecasts (from Hub HR Dept.).
    • Off-site internet access via contracts / subscriptions and devices (e.g., mobile wireless routers and data packages).
    • Other relevant licenses and/or subscription services enabling productivity.
    • IT operational support.
Including new and potential providers & suppliers via service-level agreements etc (w. Hub Procurement Dept.) –
  • Review, revise and (re)frame needs and requirements regularly.
  • (Re)Negotiate valuable agreements and/or prices on preferential terms (and/or guiding and supporting branch staff in their negotiating these).
  • Monitor agreements and meet all obligations.
Manage office budgets, finances, assets, and inventories accurately for cost-effectiveness and value-for-money –
  • Manage administrative budgets and finances responsibly.
  • Manage administrative and associated assets responsible, including inter alia –
    • Managing vehicles / fleet (currently two; collaborate w. Hub Comms Dept), including inter alia:
      • Instituting and overseeing appropriate vehicle(s) use authorisation procedure.
      • Determining and monitoring appropriate vehicle(s) use tracking, e.g., via logbook and/or tracking app.
  • Manage accurate annual budgeting, ongoing expenditure tracking, and regular reconciliations, reviews, and revisions / forecasts,
  • Provide accurate administrative budget and office financial as well as other overhead information for inclusion in wider budgets (e.g., for finding proposals).
  • Process and/or approve administrative invoices timeously.
  • Manage a dedicated administration bank card (cheque or credit), incl. approved debit orders for shared services, e.g., for LinkedIn, Hootsuite (social media), etc.
  • Maintain accurate administrative (incl. office) asset registers (w. Hub Finance Dept.).
  • Oversee the maintenance of accurate administrative (incl. office) inventories.
  • Secure and maintain appropriate insurance for office contents, vehicles and any other assets as appropriate.
Administer, maintain, and provide accurate records of organisational & administrative information –
  • Manage relevant administrative folders, records and associated documents (on SharePoint) responsibly.
  • Maintain and update agreed organisational registrations and associated compliance documents (incl. registration on government’s Central Supplier Database).
  • Provide administrative documents for funding proposals, etc., timeously.
  • Review, revise, and/or develop policies and procedures as appropriate for the above.
  • Identify opportunities, issues, and/or other implications for administration and offices in service of people & teams’ productivity by attending to ongoing developments across the organisation.
* Note: The Administration Manager will facilitate the process of framing and considering options for the location and features of the Hub office in Johannesburg from October 2024 onwards (as the current lease expires end September 2024).
  • Relevant Degree.
  • Min. 5 years’ experience as an Administration Manager, large- or multi-office Manager, or similar — or other relevant experience including managing budgets and service providers.
  • Track record of success and growing responsibility.
  • Strong facilities management.
  • Strong budget, financial & asset management.
  • Strong Project Management skills including prioritising between and managing across multiple demands.
  • Good transactional communication.
Advantageous –
  • Experience in procuring (incl. negotiating with) service providers & suppliers.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to build effective relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong problem-solving capability.
  • Clear curiosity. 
  • Commitment to social justice and education equity.