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Even if you possess a niche skill, it’s risky putting all your eggs into one basket. Especially when applying for a new job. Get another basket instead of putting all your eggs into one. You’re obviously good at several other things. By taking this into account, you could spread your career wings and bag the job you never knew you needed. The dream position could be waiting for you. To be unwrapped like a shiny, and not forgetting, deliciously decadent, chocolate Easter egg.

One thing Covid taught us is that our comfort zone, like with many things in life, is not for keeps.

Here at Datafin, our vision was to become one of the leading IT Recruitment Agencies in South Africa. Today we can safely and confidently say we have attained this status. We became settled in the sphere of being Specialists in recruiting all kinds of IT professionals. However, the business landscape changed drastically with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many industries, including IT, suffered job losses. We also continue to lose highly skilled Devs to the drawcard of earning dollars and pounds. Also, the opportunity to live in a more stable economy. So, we adapted our business model to start recruiting for other industries. We had already ventured into Finance and Analytical-related roles. Now we have expanded our comfort zone to include, amongst others, Healthcare, Hospitality and even Agriculture.

You can find an amazing work home in a variety of industries. That’s if you choose to slide your toe over the comfort zone line. Don’t become complacent thinking you can’t make a change. Or, that you won’t be able to be happy in a different field. Covid forced many people to take a leap of faith. Some tried their hand at starting a business or even learning a completely new trade.

Uitilise your versality and sit with the content of the job ad to see where you could potentially fit in.

Look at your skill set when perusing jobs. Really take time out to see how closely matched you are to the specs. Today roles are so diversified and often require a “jack of all trades” type of somebody. It often seems daunting and can leave Recruitment Consultants feeling that a client may be looking for a “unicorn”. Candidates who dare to explore more options, may find some prior experience coupled with their existing, can actually offer this unique package to a potential employer.

When you get another basket instead of putting all your eggs into one, you reduce the risk of disappointment. You also multiply your chances to succeed.

We at Datafin have seen the positive impact of broadening our horizons. The Consultants have met the challenge of recruiting for varying industries. Some even find it refreshing and exciting to work on non-IT positions. And we even had to expand our team. 

The risk of disappointment is always higher when you have tunnel vision. Particularly when stack all your eggs in one dream career basket. Instead, get another basket, be confident in your abilities and spread your eggs. You might find there could be more than one amazing job for you. One that is as rich, sweet, and rewarding as a bite of your favourite chocolate.

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