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Interviews have long ago been warped into the virtual realm whether it be Skype, video conferencing or Google Hangouts. But just as with face-to-face ones, you can still be wracked with nerves for which proper prep can help combat.

  1. No overly bright colours and be fully clothed – You wouldn’t want your potential employer to catch a sneak peak of your favourite undies. Also maintain a professional dresscode and try to avoid colours that may cause a glare for the person on the other side.
  2. Make your digital first impression count – There are no hands to shake so you almost have to think of it as a “love at first sight” scenario. According to, you need to give slow, firm nods while you “focus on keeping your eyes on the camera—not on the view from your screen”.
  3. Don’t just move your lips, engage fully – You are not trying to mimick a statue, you are trying to prove that you are the right person for this job. Try to be conscious of your body language and don’t be afraid to actually talk with your hands but obviously not too much or too over-the-top. You just want to appear interested and show you’re listening.
  4. Get a good spot which is neat and has good reception – Try to steer clear from sitting on your bed. Try to have a decent background that’s more neutral to give off a professional look.
  5. Hide your notes – One advantage of a digi interview is you can have your notes without your interviewer being the wiser. states that you can have things like a hard copy of your CV, info about the company and even “questions you want to ask and potential talking points”. But don’t start reading verbatim, just quick glances to help you along.

PS. Don’t forget to smile…

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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