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Let’s help you find your “work home”

Office Christmas parties are underway. And what’s better than to celebrate with a team that makes you feel a home away from home. If you’re not feeling that fuzzy feeling of home at your current job, we are here to help. Let’s help you find your “work home”. It’s that jingle belly time of year again with Christmas almost upon us. ’Tis the season’ synonymous with spending time with family and loved ones and being surrounded by that warm fuzzy feeling of home. As many businesses wrap up, companies often treat their staff to an Office Christmas aka year end. Either a Soiree with glitz and glam. Or an intimate get-together to enjoy a braai or a relaxing lounge by the pool. Spending most of our lives at work, you eventually bond with your colleagues and become a “work family”. These staff parties can be equated to your “work Christmas” and your colleagues your “work family”. Some people even jokingly refer to their work bestie as a “work husband or work wife”. These terms have come about because we spend the majority of our lives at our jobs. You develop closeknit relationships because that’s the natural course of human nature…

+ 27 (0) 21 741 0400