Why Datafin

  • Our owner-managed team has a vested interest in the delivery of superior service.
  • We take our role in improving standards within the recruitment industry very seriously.
  • We build long-term relationships with clients, whereas the typical approach is a quick fix.
  • We do not discourage our candidates from approaching companies themselves or other agencies.
  • We do not swamp the clients with CVs and have tight control over the quality of CV’s.
  • We have the resources available to find the right candidate at short notice.
  • We do not overwhelm the client with phone calls, we only phone when necessary.
  • If we do not have a suitable candidate we let the client know and keep searching.
  • Once a position has been filled; adverts are removed immediately from e-recruitment sites.
  • We respond to all applicants and let them know when we don’t have something suitable.

Why clients use our services to recruit their candidates

  1. The Human Resources (HR) department in businesses often do not have the capacity to manage the entire HR function. Due to the fact that our service is specialised, we are able to focus our efforts more effectively, and recruit qualified candidates faster.
  2. We have extensive experience in advertising jobs, as well as the expertise to identify suitable candidates from CVs. Since this is our speciality, we have the skills and capacity to match the right person to the right job.
  3. We are familiar with industry trends and have access to market-related salary information. Therefore, we are equipped to give objective input on what is needed in any given vacant role.
  4. Businesses can also rely on our expertise to identify suitably-qualified candidates for specialised positions. This is particularly helpful when no-one within the business is clear about their requirements in the prospective candidate.
  5.  If the HR department is based in a different location to where the candidate will be appointed, we are able to step in and manage the recruitment process.
  6. It is critical to match the candidate accurately to the requirements of the job. Hiring the wrong person, especially at an executive level, can be an extremely expensive mistake to rectify.
  7. We understand the importance of confidentiality regarding HR matters, and apply it strictly in our processes.

Datafin has a 15 year track record in providing reputable companies with like-minded suitable people. In the process, we have established and sustained, mutually beneficial relationships with a large portion of the Cape Town commercial sector. Our success has cultivated a sense of trust with candidates and clients alike and as a result we have a large network of candidates to draw from at any given time.